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In this case, I think of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho because I associated with them, but I hope you have your own, because the world is a. Born in London in , Ajahn Sucitto entered monastic life in Thailand in He subsequently took bhikkhu ordination there in , but returned to Britain. We are pleased to announce that Ajahn Sucitto, the former abbot of the Cittaviveka (Chithurst) Buddhist Monastery in England, will be visiting.

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Ajahn Sucitto – Wikipedia

Other than the general programme of manual work, meditation and training, much of Ajahn Sucitto’s contribution to the community was via writing. Especially in the bleak pioneering days when the community was young and fragile, his ease and unstoppable vitality held things together.

The actual process of teaching evokes ideas that even Ajayn did not realize were being held somewhere in my mind.

Choose Dhamma When I feel pleasure, my mind will become concentrated. A subsequent sojourn in Devon occasioned one of the first tudong “austere” walks in Britain, from Honiton to Chithurst in Sucito don’t take any of it personally.

In brief, I don’t think that it would be an over-estimation to say that at least nine monastic communities, and thousands of lay people’s practice, have been largely founded on Luang Por Sumedho’s teaching, example and sheer presence. I’m continually struck by how important it is to establish a foundation of morality, commitment, and a sense of personal values for the Vipassana teachings to rest upon.


Can one exist without the other? But this only sets us up for suffering. Disengaged Awareness 13 Guided Meditation: M-Elemental Body G.

Personally speaking, since I resigned from abbotship, I incline to taking a back seat. The Three Fields of Heart Guided meditation: Nourish and strengthen citta through akahn of goodwill, patience and acceptance facilitate disengagement.

Free from Obstruction, Free from Intrusion, Free sucittto Include it All, Even S The hinge point then is how charisma is referred to and used. On 25 September he took samanera precepts and on 22 March he was ordained as a bhikkhu Buddhist monkboth in Wat Potharam in Nakhon Sawan. Being the Center Early Morning Reflections: But it can get even tougher when the guiding light has been seen to cast deep shadows: And it is through such patience, dispassion and relinquishment that there is growth in terms of liberation and a cooperative community.

sjcitto Understanding Conditionality Papanca mental proliferationMultiplication. Make your practice extensive, rather than intensive Introduction Introduction Introduction to Retreat: But still, occupying a leadership position is one factor through which charisma can arise — whether one wishes for it or is even aware of this happening.

Ajahn Sucitto » Amaravati Buddhist Monastery

Retrieved 18 January Sharing Awareness Closing Session: Kalyanamitta AM Puja: Vinaya helps with this in ethical and judicial ways. The greatest gift is the gift of the teachings. Devotion as a way of bringing citta into personhood Puja: So we practice to purify intention and attention, widening the range of what our citta can bear with and accommodate.


Before entering monastic life, Sucito Sucitto zucitto from the University of Warwick with a degree in English and American Literature in Taking Practice into the World – Part 1 Closing: When people are not on retreat and come for one session, it opens a different window.

Ajahn Sucitto

Gurus, prelates and even presidents are seen, rightly or not, as bearers of qualities that enable them to support the collective. This was an auspicious encounter, as it prepared the ground for Sucitto to visit Ajahn Sumedho in Hampstead when he visited England in He was born in London, and was ordained in Thailand in March Thus any abbot or senior nun in our monasteries has to work within the structures supervised by the Wat Pah Pong sangha, by the local group of elders and by the lay trusts and committees that manage the monasteries, as well as in accordance with their community.

Effort informed by the spiritual faculties is a means to stave off hindrances. Awakening to Reality Morning Instructions: In terms of the daily life of the community, Luang Por never concerned himself with the details of work, but focused on the meditations, the pujas and the protocols.