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Ahmed Chalabi, an Iraqi exile, studies for his doctorate in math at the University of Chicago where he gets to know Albert Wohlstetter, a prominent cold-war. Albert Wohlstetter (born , died 10 January, ) was a neo-conservative ideologue and long time director of the Rand Corporation. Albert Wohlstetter: international relations: Between the two world wars: Kissinger, and Albert Wohlstetter. Other issues that were addressed in the vast literature.

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Dean, Acheson March Nashashibi, published by Washington Report on Middle East Affairsstates that “Perle whet his neo-conservative whistle under Albert Wohlstetter, a University woylstetter Chicago mathematician who was key in drawing up the Pentagon’s strategic and nuclear blueprints during the Cold War. He has shown us that we have to create choices and, then, exercise them. Article cites “Alfred Wohlstetter”.

That same Wohlstetter mentored many of the Bush administration’s reigning neo-conservatives, including Deputy Wohlststter Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, one of the most pro-Zionist of the so-called chickenhawksand Zalmay Khalilzad. In the living room he set up a makeshift chair that allowed him to partially recline so he could continue to work.

In these last 30 years, Albert has been influential in helping to design and deploy our strategic forces — an awesome task.

A month later, on 10 JanuaryWohlstetter died at his Laurel Canyon home. From tohe taught in the political science department of the University of Chicago, and chaired the dissertation committees of Paul Wolfowitz and Zalmay Khalilzad.


Papers of John F. Views Read View form View source View history.

Albert Wohlstetter

Donate Now Volunteer If you would like to help us with this effort, please contact us. Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis in During the Second World War, Wohlstetter worked on problems of war production. The second requirement is that “the delivery systems must be able to reach their targets and to penetrate woylstetter on their way to the target. The two Gulf wars, Venezuela and Afghanistan have been the test phases of a ‘new’ strategic disposition.

Albert Wohlstetter – Wikispooks

One studies Soviet low-altitude air defense capabilities, one examines Soviet intercontinental ballistic missile ICBM accuracy, and the third, chaired by Harvard Sovietologist Richard Pipes, examines Soviet strategic policy and objectives. Complete Timeline Wohlstetter, Albert 24 September Albert WohlstetterTurgut Ozal.

Richard Perlewanniski.

On Not Confusing Ourselves: Mathematical logic was a very, very small world. Other key members include William von Cleave and Daniel Graham. As I recall, even at the time, the State Department didn’t like it because for some reason or other it offended some of our allies.

Albert Wohlstetter Dot Com | Albert Wohlstetter | Roberta Wohlstetter

Wohlstetter, Albert September Albert Wohlstetter introduces Ahmed Chalabi to Richard Perle, undersecretary of defense for international-security policy. He and Roberta thought he was just ill or having an asthma attack. And the final, the eighth requirement, is that “the force must be procured and operated at a reasonable cost.

It is unprecedented to allow outsiders to have so much access to highly classified CIA intelligence as Bush is granting the Team B neocons, so the entire project is conducted in secret. Wohlsettter started at Columbia Law School on a fellowship in The revolution in military affairs offered by Bush, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz was designed by Wohlstetter and friends at the Rand Institute owhlstetter the s; the neo-cons waited in the wings ever since.


Turgut Ozal is elected prime minister in Turkey, ending three years of military rule see September A group of conservative strategic thinkers and policymakers attends a dinner party in Santa Monica, California. After a while they became impatient with my responses and left, never to return.

Albert Wohlstetter Positions that Albert Wohlstetter has held: These two names would end up counting.

Profile: Albert Wohlstetter

This page was last modified on 2 Januaryat Albert Wohlstetter’s name has been linked with those of a number of neoconservatives affiliated with the Bush administration and the Department of Defensethe University of Chicagoas well as appearing to share other common threads with Paul Dundes Wolfowitz, Richard N. General Panel Corporation was a company founded by Walter Gropius and Konrad Wachsmanntwo important figures in the Bauhaus movement.

In Gilpin, Robert; Wright, Christopher.