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Johann Georg Albrechtsberger. (3 February Compositions by: Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg O. Organ Concerto in B-flat major · Orgelstück in G major. Albrechtsberger Alto Trombone Concerto Albrechtsberger Alto Trombone Concerto. July 10, | Author: espy | Category: N/A. Sheet Music – £ – Orchestral Accompaniment CD to Johann Albrechtsberger’s Alto Trombone Concerto. Peters Edition’s Music Partner Play- Along series.

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Johann Georg Albrechtsberger 3 February — 7 March [1] was an Austrian composer, organist, and music theorist.

A to B Johann Georg Albrechtsberger. This page was last edited on 27 Juneat The ideas and opinions expressed here are not necessarily shared by the employers and organizations with which the author is associated.

Albrechtsberger appears to have conceived the work as a chamber piece, though we will conccerto using full string orchestra minus violas.

They are pleasant, well written works in the galant style. This provides a central challenge of performing the piece, as the trombonist must execute difficult ornamental work as well as sustained high register playing, and yet at the qlbrechtsberger time maintain a light and delicate approach.

This really is a delightful piece.

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An English version of this was published by Novello in Beethoven had arrived in Vienna in to study with Joseph Haydn but quickly became infuriated when his work was not being given attention or corrected. The original bass trombones were unwieldy instruments in F, E-flat, or G, with handslides so long that handles were needed to operate them.

He was considered by some, including Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartto be the finest organist in the world. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Albrechtsberger died in Vienna; his grave is in St. While I have performed as a soloist with orchestras and bands on a number of occasions on the tenor trombone and euphonium, this will be my first time to do so on the alto trombone. The last example on the video is a joke provided for the benefit of one of my students.


This instrument is used when a lighter sound than that of the tenor trombone is needed, with greater facility in the upper register. His published compositions consist of preludesfugues and sonatas for the piano and organstring quartetsetc.

Albrechtsberger was born at Klosterneuburgnear Vienna. Belknap Press of Harvard Univ. They are in the library of the Vienna Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde.

Albrechtsberger was the author of widely-used treatises on composition and figured bass, and was a diligent student and champion of contrapuntal writing, particularly the fugue. In he published at Leipzig a treatise on composition, of which a third edition appeared in As the trombone has few works dating back to the classical period, his concerto is often highlighted by the trombone community.

All of that said, my desire is to give a compelling and enjoyable performance, not pursue absolute historical accuracy from an organological perspective. Aroundhe wrote at least seven concerti for jaw harp and strings three survive in the Hungarian National Library in Budapest.

Johann Georg Albrechtsberger

His fame as albrechtsbergrr theorist attracted to him in the Austrian capital a large number of pupils, some of whom afterwards became eminent musicians.

A collection of his writings on harmonyin three volumes, was published under the care of his pupil Ignaz von Seyfried — in List of music students by teacher: It is also quite possible that Beethoven went off on his own to make a living, and only then returned after he had a stable career.

When Beethoven was finished studying with Albrechtsberger he decided to get a few more tips and pointers, so to speak, from Haydn. Retrieved from ” https: While not as familiar to non-trombonists as the tenor trombone, the bass trombone is not altogether foreign to most people.

Albrechtsberger | Concerto per trombone alto ed archi

From there Beethoven possibly studied with Antonio Saliericonceeto this is unknown as a fact. I truly hope that it will be both well-executed and well-received. Johann Georg Albrechtsberger Austrian composer Johann Georg Albrechtsberger began his musical career as a choirboy in Klosterneuburg, where he also began study of organ and composition.

He was a friend of Mozart and of Franz Joseph Trombonnethe latter of which sent his student, Ludwig van Beethoven to Albrechtsberger for further training in counterpoint. His compositional style derives from Johann Joseph Fux ‘s counterpoint, who was Kapellmeister at St Stephen’s Cathedrala position that Albrechtsberger would hold 52 years later.


Johann Georg Albrechtsberger – Wikipedia

The Music and the Life W. In addition to his professional work, he maintains an avid interest in the study of the Bible and of Reformed theology. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The E-flat alto trombone provides the ease of execution and the quality of tone I am seeking for this performance, so that is the instrument I will use!

Its fundamental pitch is E-flat, a perfect fourth trombonne than the tenor trombone. This is the type of instrument with which most trombonists begin their playing careers, and even when players advance and get an instrument with an F-attachment the basic instrument remains a tenor trombone. In he was appointed organist to the court of Vienna, and in Kapellmeister of St.

Haydn recommended his friend Albrechtsberger, with whom Beethoven then studied harmony and counterpoint. While there tromvone not a great deal of solo repertoire for the trombone from the eighteenth century, there are a few pieces, as well as soloistic parts for the trombonist in a number of larger works.

When is a Bass Trombone a Bass Trombone? Consisting primarily of simple, homophonic melodies, the accompaniment is essentially two violin parts and basso continuo, which will albrechtsbergeer provided by cellos, basses, and harpsichord. Probably the most valuable service he rendered to music was in his theoretical works. He originally studied music at Melk Abbey and philosophy at a Benedictine seminary in Vienna and became one of the most learned and skillful contrapuntists of his age.

The performance will be on Monday, October 22, at 8: