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Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, the spirit who wrote though Anthony Borgia. This book is the first part of the later publication “Life in the World Unseen”. LIFE IN THE WORLD UNSEEN. By ANTHONY BORGIA. FOREWORD BY SIR JOHN ANDERSON, BART. This pdf was created by Geoff Cutler, and is provided . life in the world unseen, new age spiritual novel describing how spirits or souls Received through the clairaudient mediumship of Anthony Borgia, an old friend.

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Life in the World Unseen

Jan 12, Glen Mathew rated it tye it. They say, ‘It is only devils that come back, who impersonate our own kindred, deceive us, and thus try to ruin us spiritually, so that we jeopardise our immortal souls. His teachings are frank and honest: Imagine, if you will do I sound like Rod Serling?

Borgia was onl One of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read. He was a prolific author, both of fiction as well as religious tomes. Scott Birk rated it it was amazing Mar 03, From the Next World, the spirit priest dictated a wealth of scripts to his friend, Anthony Borgia, and many of these were converted into Anthony Borgia was a medium who transcribed the thoughts of a deceased priest and author whom he had known in life; the Catholic priest’s name was Monsignor Robert Hugh Bensonand he was a son of a former Archbishop unseeen Canterbury, Edward White Benson.

Paperbackpages. It was intended that they should be so from the beginning.

Anthony Borgia books. Facts. Heaven & Earth. Here & the Hereafter. More Light

Ranking this book up with the esoteric classics. When Benson crossed over he began channelling his descriptions of heaven to a clairaudient medium Anthony Borgia. From the Spirit World, the Monsignor dictated a wealth of scripts to his friend, Anthony Borgia, and many of these were converted into books.

ilfe Trivia About Life in the World Robert Hugh Benson was a Catholic priest who discovered when he transitioned that things he had written during his lifetime were in error, so through his friend Anthony Borgia he wrote a series of books of which this is the first and the best. Mar 22, Juliet Foster added it Ih The charm, though, is probably what detracts from its power to ring true at every step.

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Nov 10, Larry rated it really liked it Shelves: The Church is blocking the way to the diffusion of spiritual truth and knowledge throughout the earth world. Benson paints a picture of the afterlife of a place of beauty, opportunity, and vastness beyond anything our mortal minds could imagine.

Anita rated it liked it Jul 23, Antyony Singh rated it it was ok Nov 06, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. One of his most notable books was “The Necromancers” where he ridiculed and condemned spirit communication as the work of the devil. He sought and received permission to dictate back to someone still on earth who was a “sensitive,” someone who would hear what he was dictating.

All people possess the powers of mediumship inherently. Anthony Borgia was a medium who transcribed the thoughts of a deceased priest and author whom he had known in life; the Catholic priest’s name was Monsignor Robert Hugh Bensonand he was jn son of a former Archbishop of Canterbury, Edward White Benson. Oct 14, Mel Torres rated it it was woeld. This first person account was something that I looked forward to each evening and I was kind of sad to reach the end. In spite of his previous religious background, he tells us a tale largely devoid of borgiq comment, save for his indignation at what he previously believed and indeed wrote as a mortal.

Aug 22, Ravs rated it it was amazing. More Links to Light. This book was very interesting and there are some things that match up to Latter-day Saint theology. The spirit wogld is the land of the great harvest, the lif of which were sown upon the earth: Books by Anthony Wogld. Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, once in spirit, was dissatisfied with his spiritual writings as a clergyman on the earth plane, and came through to set the record straight with the help of his medium friend Anthony Borgia.


He died at age These spirit realms are full of people who once, when they were on earth, denied that such things as psychic faculties existed.

Neither of these books are particularly popular compared to the others indicating it was wise worlx stick to non-religious topics in the bulk of the books. Unpublished Messages of James Padgett. Samuels Messages from Jesus through James Padgett.

It’s like a reference book, an autobiography and a novel all under one cover. Just as the beauties of the light realms are created and upheld by theirs inhabitants, so have the conditions of the dark realms been brought about: When he passed he realized that most of what he had written wasn’t truth.

A thought provoking read. I think, where it seems like fantasy or whimsy, it helps to remember that to explain the sights, experiences and extent of the spirit realm in terms relatable to a person still incarnate on the earth plane, it will always sound surreal.

This is a start, and I would value feedback from anyone who knows something not stated here, or has a book that I am looking for, or perhaps have not yet identified. This is supposedly his story. He speaks about Life in the Spirit World, the Orthodox Church, religious belief, faith, spirit communication, mediumship, and what existence is really like for those who have crossed over into the next stages of life.

While this book covers ma This is the first in a number of books that claim to be the words of Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson, as received by Anthony Borgia.