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View and Download Yamaha AW tutorial online. PROFESSIONAL AUDIO WORKSTATION. AW Musical Instrument pdf manual download. Yamaha AW Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Yamaha AW Owner’s Manual. View and Download Yamaha AW operation manual online. Yamaha AW Audio Mixers: Operation Manual. AW Music Mixer pdf manual download.

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Other functions Storing dynamics processor settings Dynamics processor settings made for each channel can be stored in a memory area called the Dynamics Library. Other functions Pingpong-recording multiple tracks to one or On the AW, multiple previously-recorded tracks can aw2186 mixed, and recorded on one or two tracks.

Adding The Acoustic Bass Remove the bottom chassis assembly. Channels that are registered in the same fader group can be controlled together by operating just one of the faders.

Solo A function that allows you to listen only to the sound of a desired channel during mixdown, etc.

Yamaha AW Manuals

The compander attenuates the input signal above the threshold as well as the level below the width. Editing By Part If you are using MTC to synchronize the AW and an external device, you must set the frame rate of both devices to match.

Protecting A Scene Using the additional function buttons When a symbol is shown in the lower left of the display, you can press and hold the [SHIFT] key to access new buttons in the bottom of the display, and use various additional functions. CPU Interface Data bus Loading A Song Bottom cover assembly a b PWH screw When you move the cursor to this button and press the [ENTER] key, the currently selected time signature i.


Got it, continue to print. Erasing Cd-rw Media You can also edit the fader value in this page. GR Gain reduction This displays the amount of gain reduction produced by the dynamics processor, in a range of —18 dB— Saving The Current Song SL 10P 50V D Got it, continue to print.

Editing tracks and virtual tracks Editing the audio data of virtual tracks 1—8 This section explains how to use the V.

It is not possible to delete the time signature data for step number 1. Page 2 ohm ribbon lead, change the lead-in to coaxial type cable.

For example manusl is convenient when you want to repeat- edly play back a certain region of the song while you adjust the mix. Dynamics Processors Compander A compander is a compressor-expander—a combination of signal compression and expansion. Formatting The Internal Hard Disk Adding Ambience To create a sense of unity, we will apply only one type of reverb to the entire song.

Messages At Power-on Adding The Hi-hat Using markers to locate The AW allows you to assign up to 99 markers at desired points in a song.


Saving An Effect Program Saving an effect program Up to 86 different effect programs that you edited can be stored manuak in vacant locations of the effect library, and recalled later. If this control is adjusted to keep the input volumes consis- tent at this point, it will be easier to use the faders of each channel to create a balance.

Yamaha AW2816 Service Manual

Please observe the following points This section explains how to turn the power of the AW on and off, and how to set the internal clock. Use the [SEL] keys to select the solo chan- nel.

On the AW, operations of mixing parameters can be recorded in realtime, and then played back. The writing test will require approximately as much time as the actual writing. When you recall a scene, the current scene will be discarded. Page Editing tracks and virtual tracks TRIM IN Move the starting location of the selected region later in time toward the end of the songand trim discard the unwanted portion.

Before you begin Installing an internal hard disk You must install a hard disk in the AW before using it.