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Read heart touching Poetry (Shayari), quotes and thought of Bahadur Shah Zafar and shared with your family and friends. 47 Records Bahadur Shah Zafar Poetry – Read poetry of Famous Poet Bahadur Shah Zafar – Bahadur Shah Zafar Ghazals, Bahadur Shah Zafar Nazams. Read our best collection of Bahadur Shah Zafar poetry and ghazals. His shayari and ghazals are very popular and inspire many poetry lovers. “Kulliyat-I-Zafar”.

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This monument by the last Mughal king, along with his famous Urdu poetry, are the final direct cultural products of the remarkable empire.

You should have made me mad, crazy only for you, Why did you make me wise, capable of denials? Add Thread to del. Dil Ki Meri Beqarari Mujh Se dil ki meri beqarari mujh se kuch shsh nahin shab ki meri ah-o-zari mujh se kuch pucho nahin bar-e-gam se mujh pe roz-e-hijr mein ik ik ghari kya kahun hai kaisi bhari mujh se kuch pucho nahin meri surat hi se bas malum kar lo ham-damo tum haqiqat meri sari mujh se kuch pucho nahin sham se ta-subah jo bistar pe tum bin rat ko main ne ki akhtar-shumari mujh se kuch pucho nahin ai “Zafar” jo hal hai mera karunga gar bayan hogi un ki sharm-sari mujh se kuch pucho nahin.

That was the difficult time that India was divided politically and to unite them to fight with much able foe the British. We have washed your street with a storm of tears, Our begging bowl of a cap is now empty. The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of shan Dawn Media Group.


As an individual he was a competent person to rule. The king who should not have been a shahari. After that Mughal rule was restricted to red fort only.

Mughal dynasty ended with him When Nadar shah attacked Delhi, Mughal king was so terrified that he refused to come back to Delhi. Similarly, Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a ruler – a strong one at that and not a poet!

Not just the last Mughal: Three ghazals by Bahadur Shah Zafar, the poet king – Blogs –

Analyze the life and time of the Moghuls and you will find a lesson history as to how they fell to the British invasion. A king has to be a king, not a pet. List of Zafwr colonial crimes is long.

He already knew that such things will happen with him to see behavior and attitude of Shaywri regime so expressed his feelings with his poetry shayari even when he shayafi alive. Jitendra Nov 10, These heroes deserve to rest in the historic city of their ancestors. Rp Nov 09, Hence Mughal king Shah Alam was also known as king of 14sqkm. He still rules kingdom of urdu poetry alongwith his grand viziers like zauq and ghalib despite losing his own great mughal empire.

I have also seen a camera photograph of ailing Bahadur Shah Zafar while in Rangoon. Anir Nov 10, It has spreaded thorns in the garden of hearts of mine. Hindu and Muslims both accepted him as their leader and rallied to be united behind him against British rule in India. bhadur

He used to express his views and feelings by his poetry Shayari. He spent many years of his life in prison of british regime where he faced alot of torture. His most famous poem is na kissi ki aankh kaa noor hhoon, and lagta nahin hai dil mera adopted in the movie Lal Quilla.

Shayari Image

He was a gentle king in the wrong time. Nick Nov 09, Ahmed Nov 09, Sad history of the sub continent. The heart is asunder, singed to a kebab, This love has been the disaster of my life.


It would have been nice and informative if the pictures in this article were accompanied by captions. ARK – that’s an outdated version of history you are talking baharur. Bahadur Shah was the dying light of an already dead empire.

Haneef Nov 10, Anglo-Maratha war that ended with the treaty of bassain 3. He wrote thousands of petries but here I have upaded some selected. Imran Nov 09, Bahavur – USA Nov 09, However, Zafar had always wanted to be buried bahwdur his beloved Delhi, having earmarked his gravesite in Mehrauli next to the Shrine of Khwaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kakithe original Sufi Chishti saint of Delhi. You made me poor, fit only for sifting through dust, And I wish the dust of her feet were my trials.

Results 1 to 10 of Abdul Muqtadir they stopped innovation and became content. Bich Mein Parda Dui Ka Tha bich mein parda dui ka tha jo hayal uth gaya aisa bahadurr dekha k duniya se mera dil uth gaya shama ne ro baharur k kati rat suli par tamam shab ko jo mahfil se teri ai zeb-e-mahfil uth gaya meri ankhon mein samaya us ka aisa nur-e-haq shauq-e-nazara ai badr-e-kamil uth gaya ai Zafar kya puchta hai begunah-o-bar-gunah uth gaya ab jidhar ko waste qatil uth gaya.

When Indian politicians and people visit Mayanmar then most probably they visit grave of Bahurdur Shah Jafar located in Yangon, Mayanmar.