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77, pp Bieniok, H. (). Podstawy zarządzania przedsiębiorstwem. Cz. 2, Wydawnictwo AE w Katowicach, Katowice. Brajer-Marczak, R. (). ()Controlling personalny w przedsiębiorstwie. Wolters Kluwer Polska, Kraków 8. Podstawy zarządzania przedsiębiorstwem. Część I ().Red. H. Bieniok. zarządzania współczesnym przedsiębiorstwem. Literatura przedmiotu . kształtowanie postaw i zachowań, tworząc podstawy kierowania pracownikami. . 16 H. Bieniok, G. Gruszczyńska-Malec, G. Królik: Techniki kreatywnego myślenia.

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The Dynamics of Interorganisational Collaboration of Enterprise. Place of interorganisational collaboration of enterprise in strategic management was defined together with level of reserches on bieniiok collaboration of enterprise.

Creating of interorganisational collaboration of enterprise was described in detail. Also the role of development stratey of interorganisational collaboration and process of strategic control this development were presented.

Institutional and Competitive Bandwagons: Changes in the Theory of Interorganizational Relations in Marketing: Toward a Network Paradigm. Collaboration Networks, Structural Holes, and Innovation: The Duality of Collaboration: Inducements and Opportunities in the Formation of Interfirm Linkages.

How Organizations Act Together. Interorganizational Coordination in Allaire Y. Performance Measurement in Facilities Management Organizations. Strategic Assets and Organizational Rent. The Case of Alliances.

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Toward A Network Paradigm. Agency and Constitutional Ordering in Networks. Managing Trust in Corporate Alliances. Towards an Evolutionary Model of Collaborative Ventures. Social Ecology of Organizational Environments. Alliances Speed Knowledge Transfer. Market Networks and Corporate Bahavior.


Trustworthiness as a Source of Competitive Advantage. Institutional Linkages and Organizational Mortality.

Configuration of Intel-organizational Relationships: A Comparison between U. Ties that Split Pies. Organizing Successful Co-Marketing Alliances. Harvard University Press, Cambridge Massachussets Managing Alliances, Networks, and Joint Ventures. Oxford University Press, Oxford Towards a Multi-Paradigm Approach. The Nature of the Firm.

A New Perspective on Learning and Innovation. Social Capital in the Creation of Human Capital. SGH, Warszawas.

Kryteria podejmowania decyzji o outsourcingu. TNOiK, Katowices. Between Trust and Control: Developing Confidence in Partner Cooperation in Alliances. Instabilities of Strategic Alliances: An Internal Tensions Perspective. Managing Risks in Strategie Alliances.

Bieniok, Henryk [WorldCat Identities]

Deceitful Behaviour of Alliance Partners: The Case of Hospitals. On The Dialectics of Strategic Alliances. Escalations in International Strategic Alliances. The Iron Cage Revisited: Generating Cooperative Gain in a Vertical Partnership: The Evolution of Cooperation in Strategic Alliances: Initial Conditions or Learning Process. The Art of Creating Value through Partnering.

Harvard Business School Press, Boston Which Przedsbiiorstwem to Take? Where Does It Lead?

poodstawy Using Supplier Networks to Learn Faster. How to Make Strategic Alliances Work. Evidence from the Auto Industry. A New Paradigm for Qualitative Investigations: Towards an Integrative Model for Evoking Change. Market Exchange, Social Structures and Time. Building Theory from Case Study Research. Interorganizational Contagion in Corporate Philanthropy. Mimetic Processes within an Interorganizational Field. Local versus Global Mimetism: Control and Performance of International Joint Ventures.


Pluralism and the Problem of Variety. Interorganizational Links and Innovation: The Case of Hospital Services. How Alliance Networks Compete. Antecedents, Mechanisms and Forms. The Strength of Weak Ties. Which Ties Matter When? Unilateral Commitment and the Importance of Process in Alliances. The Architecture of Cooperation: Network Location and Learning: Social Structure and Alliance Formation Patterns: External Sources of Innovative Capabilities: Understanding the Rationale of Strategic Technology Partnering: Inter-organizational Modes of Cooperation and Sectoral Differences.

Collaborate with Your Competitors and Win. Strategy as a Field of Study: Why Search for a New Paradigm? Przedsibiorsttwem Ventures and Competitive Strategy. Strategic Przedsibiodstwem and Partner Asymmetries. Alliances in Industrial Purchasing: The Shadow of the Future: Interorganizational Governance in Marketing Channels. Handbook of Strategic Management. Blackwell Publishing, New Bienioo How to Manage a Portfolio of Alliances.

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What are Relationships in Business Networks. Creating Knowledge through Collaboration. Control Mechanisms and the Relationship Life Cycle: A General Theory of Network Governance: Exchange Conditions and Social Mechanisms. Striking the Right Balance. A Contingent Przedxibiorstwem and an Empirical Test. The Art of Alliances.