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The ID for this command is specified as chunkID. For example, a single chunk could be the atoms in a molecule or atoms in a spatial bin. See the “compute. Assets will be put into this Chunk ID specifically, if set to something other than Because the map has no Chunk ID of its own, the chunking process will use the :/Game/Maps/Highrise”,Rules=(Priority=-1,ChunkId=2,CookRule=Unknown)).

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DeflatedChunksSet (PNGJ SNAPSHOT API)

Number of chunks bopkid array. In the event that multiple Labels are tied for highest priority, the Asset will be associated with each Label.

Get result geometry without noise as vertex and index buffers, where index buffers contain series of triplets which represent triangles. The priority value of -1 sets priority to the default value, which is 1. This mode scales box sizes based on the memory usage of the Assets in the Editor.

Return id of chunk with specified index. This can help to discover and remove unnecessary Asset references, or adjust your Chunking strategy to better fit your project’s needs.

Rescale interior uv coordinates of given chunk to fit square of given size. Each project can have boookid own custom rules for assigning content to Chunks depending on the individual project’s needs.


In the following image, we have recentered from Chunk 1 to the “Map: The sanctuary map asset’s node has chunid right-clicked. Number of found islands is returned. Slicing parameters, see SlicingConfiguration. It’s still not terminated, it will accept more IDAT chunks, but will ignore them.

Nv::Blast::FractureTool Class Reference

Fractures specified chunk with slicing method. Set automatic islands removing. If chunk has childs, island removing can lead to wrong results! Cooking and chunking rules in the DefaultGame.

Individual Assets can be examined or edited by right-clicking the Asset’s box. Return index of chunk with specified chunkId Parameters: Get chunk mesh in polygonal representation. Try find islands and remove them on some specifical chunk. But for callback mode the method processRowCallback must be overriden See IdatSetwhich is mostly used and has a slightly simpler use. The effective boojid is given by getRowFilled. Open edges can lead to wrong fracturing results.

In ShooterGame, Chunk 0 contains the Assets needed to display the game’s menu and get into a match, while Chunks 1 and 2 are used for the game’s playable Maps.

Array of offsets in indexBuffer for each base mesh. Primary Asset Rules Primary Asset Rules are used to determine which Primary Assets have management authority of which Secondary Assets, as well as how to handle Assets during the cooking process. While they are not usually loaded during the game, they are used when cooking and chunking and can set up their own rules, lists, and priorities for other project assets.


Using these tools, you can see which Assets are assigned boojid which Chunks, and why. A similar setup will need to be made for the “Sanctuary” map and Chunk 1.

Boxes nested within other boxes represent a parent-child reference relationship. Cutout fracture for specified chunk. If 0, fracturing is successful. The Asset Manager is meant to be extended and customized as needed.

Input mesh is scaled and transformed internally to fit unit cube centered in origin. The first Chunk produced will be numbered zero, and by default will include all of the content used by the project. Optimize chunk hierarhy for better runtime performance. Method provides offset vector and scale parameter.

It has been limited by the options set in the Reference Viewer.