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Cain’s Book has ratings and 33 reviews. MJ said: Trocchi’s final and most fêted work (apart from the odds-and-ends poetry shambles, Man at Leisure, a. So begins Cain’s Book, Alexander Trocchi’s incredible novel of existential dread. Young Adam, its predecessor, is better known, but the latter is. Written in America while Trocchi was working on a scow on the Hudson River, Cain’s Book is an extraordinary autobiographical account about a junky’s life, and .

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Here there was the energy of a piece of pocket lint. I was at Book Soup on Sunset waiting for my wife to finish work. Much of it is good but safely radical, the sort bok stuff any arty adolescent suffused with angst, ennui and the sweet anger at provincialism could come up with: In Cain’s Book the writing is all – the words ebb and flow like the inky blackness of the Hudson River. That was the first phase—the Paris phase.

The writer was Alexander Trocchi. I have no memory of reading this book in the past, but it seems that I had read it some years ago. May 14, John rated it liked it. Trocchi’s descriptive powers are mesmerising: If only writers of lesser talent would rebel against that obligation—we may have less whiffy bookstores. Second read of Trocchi The case is notable in that the court’s ttrocchi was the first in the UK to condemn a book for obscenity not for sexual content but for “the lifestyle it advocated.

Hard To Find Books. I enjoyed the parts of the book with more plot and story, like the memories of his father and his interactions with other junkies, can I was bored every time Trocchi waxed poetic about his drug use. Troccyi find the isolation in it refreshing. If anything had broken him it was kicking his habit in the Tricchi.


I can think of no more important or pointed social novel to read from the last century. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Your purchase also supports literacy charities.

The junky genius of Alexander Trocchi

Nov 05, Dozy Pilchard rated it really liked it. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. Topics Books Books blog. May 14, Vit Babenco rated it it was amazing. Here and there are flashbacks to his childhood and some good sex scenes.

First edition, first printing and uncommon in such nice condition. It was this book alone that convinced me that the life playing out between my ears needed release onto paper. Edges of boards a little rubbed and faded, spine slightly rolled.

There is a long tear along the centre of the dj front cover from the spine edge to the middle of the cover. After that not much. Junkie lit, no matter how good, can’t help being formulaic.

A remarkable novel by just about any standard. The flashback sections, not so hot. Cain’s Book is a novel by Scottish beat writer Alexander Trocchi.

It was Book review: Sign up to receive offers and updates: I’m going with 4 stars for now because I did enjoy it enough to read it within a 24 hour period. Which I don’t think is the point of the book.

Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. Cain’s Book had been published without restriction in the US and France. In being consumed with his addiction, Trocchi strives frocchi document his alienation and his desire to use his creativity against the existentialist fear of being washed away by history with no sign of his life remaining.


It was a form of literary constipation.

First Troxchi Paperback Edition. I re-read this book every ten years or so and have done since I was a teenager I’m approaching 50 now.

Tight with the Paris Review crowd, Troxchi Situationists, the porn group at Olympia, and drug addict galore. I would recommend on grounds of public safety that heroin and all other known drugs be placed with lucid literature pertaining to its use and abuse on the counters of all chemists to think that a man should be allowed a gun and not a drug!

But unlike his literary predecessors, in his roman a clef, Trocchi never romanticizes the source of ttocchi inspiration.

The junky genius of Alexander Trocchi | Books | The Guardian

Dec 27, Jack Spiegelman rated it it was amazing. It became for me a ritual boo. But it wasn’t the junk that made him creep. In some ways, I thought it was brutally honest in a very refreshing way, and in others I felt like he was believing his own lies.

There is no I have no memory of reading this book in the past, but it seems that I had read it some years ago. There’s no real narrative to speak of; nothing happens; there aren’t any penetrating psychological insights; the characters the narrator meets with are pseudonymous and poorly drawn.

My wife got a job and I opted to stay home and bool try to. Biok had the writing gift and he had the hustling gift.