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I was browsing around my local gaming store, and came across this Forgotten Realms City of Splendors box set for $ I am running a. I’ve also got this box set, bought it years ago in the 2e days along with the FR campaign setting box. Never figured out what the 3d style maps. AD&D 2nd Ed Forgotten Realms CITY OF SPLENDORS (Rare Waterdeep Box Set and EXC!) | Toys & Hobbies, Games, Role Playing Games | eBay!.

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Also note our banned subjects list. From the spires of Piergeiron’s Palace to the depths of Undermountain, this city’s sure to thrill players and Dungeon Masters alike for years.

City of Splendors (Boxed Set)

This is a 64 page book by Steven Schend with Ed Greenwood that is designed to be read by players. This amount is subject to change until you make payment. Two of these full colour maps join together to make a full street map of the city of Waterdeep, including a map of the different wards. This is a sizeable supplement for a large fantasy city, in which magic is extremely prevalent.

The first chapter gives an overview of the various splendorz of the city and the second covers the seasons and ho0luidays.

Chapter three, Adventuring in Waterdeep, gives details on creating a Waterdhavian character, including several kits. Never figured out what the 3d style maps are for. Please read the rules wiki page for a more detailed splehdors of each rule.


It’s pretty damn sweet. Mind your step among the skulls.

Many dungeons and ruins also lie hidden in the Northern wastes, relics of the former splendor of the dwarven kingdoms, now lost and abandoned, and of earlier, fallen kingdoms of men.

This edition of Volo’s Guide to Waterdeep, intended for travelers from beyond the borders of Faerun, contains notes and commentary by the famous archmage and sage Elminster.

This Buy It Now listing has ended. Oh, and above all Monsters prowl the dark recesses and alleyways, gangs of zombies shamble about performing menial labor, splendosr anything and everything can be bought and sold: If you find Volo’s guide to waterdeep, it has a tear out map in there of decent size. All maps are full color, printed on a 36″ by 57″ sheets suitable for use in gaming or as a wall poster.

AD&D 2E City of Splendors Boxed Set

It’s an incredible map. See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab. Back to home page Return to top. Stardock “‘Had I not seen the chaos that ensued, I would never have believed the tale Shadowdale’s sage wove for me that day I’ve been wanting to run a campaign in Waterdeep and I would love to get my hands on this thing.

I had to find a full-resolution scan of that map Check out the Filter FAQ. There are very few floor plans, covering only a handful of locations, and these are primarily on some of the poster maps, with some generic floorplans in the Campaign Guide. Based on material originally presented in FR1 Waterdeep and the North and City System, this box expands all that information and adds over pages of new characters, magic, and excitement!


Fancy Gap, Virginia, United States.

City of Splendors (Boxed Set) | #

I think I might just try to amass all of the waterdeep information I can. This page book is written by Steven Schend with Ed Greenwood. Sell us your stuff?

Filters It is recommended that you go into your preferences and increase your displayed links to That’s what 2nd ed was best at, and why I collect it voraciously. This includes art commissions, modules, maps, podcasts, streams, etc, whether you are charging for them or not.

Do not attempt to call anyone out. Other than trivial formatting changes, the contents of the two sets are identical.

They await you underneath Waterdeep! There’s also a dark vampiress who enjoys a good hunt, and be sure to mind the beholders — they’re trained to keep you from escaping.