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Claudio Robazza is an Associate Professor of Methods and didactics of motor activities at the Faculty of Movement Sciences, University of Chieti, Italy. Claudio Robazza, Italian sports psychologist, educator. Member of Sport Psychologists Association. The latest rugby news about Claudio Robazza from ESPN , with statistics, photos and live coverage.

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We also tested a sequence in which emotions were assumed to be predicted by the motivational climate dimensions and then served as antecedents to variability in motivation regulations. New articles by this author. Results of Study 2 provided evidence of substantial measurement and structural invariance of all dimensions across samples.

Sport PsychologyEmotionand Motivation Psychology. From an applied perspective, we believe that the probabilistic approach can help athletes become aware of the subtle variations occurring in their psychophysical states during tobazza preparatory period preceding the clajdio and not only at the moment of shot release. Perceptual and Motor Skills. Girls, when compared with boys, and overweight and obese participants, when compared with normal-weight peers, reported lower perceived and actual physical competence, higher perceived body fat and greater body dissatisfaction.

In this proof of claudip study, we explored the conceptual notion of shared and complementary mental models through EEG mapping of two brains performing a real-world interactive motor task of increasing difficulty. Findings showed a drop in objective vigorous physical activity in older girls, which was also reflected in the Physical Activity Questionnaire.

Finally, the modified idiographic scaling seems appropriate robzaza emotion assessment purposes. Journal of Sport Behavior.


EmotionsSport Behaviorand Sport Behaviour. The results suggest applied arguments for using action- and emotion-centered strategies to help athletes in reaching and sustaining optimal performance states. Physical Recovery, Sleep Quality and stress factors 10 factors; e.


The role of the motivational climate and motivation regulations more.

Journal of sports …. Help Center Find new research papers in: Education and Sport And Exercise Psychology. Subjective accounts of perceived control and hedonic tone of the core component of action were assessed prior to and after each shot.

Claudio Robazza – Google Scholar Citations

The purpose was to investigate the relationship between Heart Rate Variability HRV and performance in players of a basketball team during playoffs. Skin conductance level and cardiac activity were recorded.

In Study 1, six high-level athletes assessed their states before most successful and unsuccessful performances using a preliminary item stimulus list developed by a vlaudio of four emotion researchers.

Dispositional goal orientations, motivational climate, and psychobiosocial states in youth sport L Bortoli, M Bertollo, C Robazza Personality and Individual Differences 47 1, Bringing together fun, education and performance.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 39 2, Applied psychophysiology and biofeedback. Twenty-eight athletes 16 men and 12 women completed the Recovery-Stress Questionnaire for Sport RESTQ-Sport in the preseason phase, after a training period of 21 days, and in the competition phase during the play-off period.

Log In Sign Up. Third, performers were engaged in several shooting sessions and asked to assess themselves by rating the quality of each core component. Exploratory structural equation modeling and confirmatory factor analysis of the data of Study 1 showed that a 2-factor, item solution of the PBS-ST scale 8 functional items and 7 dysfunctional cladio reached satisfactory fit indices for the three dimensions i.


An ego-involving climate was a positive ronazza of controlled motivation, and of the intensity and impact of functional anger and the intensity of claudioo anger. A probabilistic approach more. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Performance-induced positive and negative emotions in sports dlaudio. This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar.

Personality and Individual Differences 47 1, Stress and recovery balance in amateur basketball players: Psychology of Sport and Exercise 8 6, We used the recently introduced participative “juggling paradigm”, and collected neuro-physiological and psycho-social data.

The main purposes of the present study were to substantiate the existence of the four types of performance categories i. Refining skills and correcting performance errors during training are also critical. Differences by Gender and Preparation Phases.

Sixty-seven cyclists with a mean age of Cognitive, social, and physiological determinants of emotional state. International journal of sports physiology and performance.

Body dissatisfaction mediated all the associations between body mass index BMI and the different aspects of physical self-perception in boys, but not in girls.

We were interested in verifying the between-brains coupling during a dyadic juggling clqudio, and in exploring the relationship between the motor task execution, the jugglers’ skill level and the task difficulty. We expected to find idiosyncratic and differentiated trends over time in the scores of perceived control and hedonic tone, typified by fluctuations among 2 optimal and dobazza suboptimal types of processing during performance.

Assessment of Performance-Related Experiences: In both conditions, there were two task difficulties: