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Gayl Jones’s seminal novel Corregidora tackles the often ignored topic of the sexual abuse of enslaved women by their white owners. The novel centers. Here is Gayl Jones’s classic novel, the tale of blues singer Ursa, consumed by her hatred of the nineteenth-century slave master who fathered both her. short, first novel by Gayl Jones. They agreed that she writes with strength and grace, that she knows her heroine, Ursa Corregidora, from the inside out, that she .

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Ursa, a blues singer is repeatedly told by her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother “to make generations” so that their suffering will never be forgotten. Cause tha’s all they do to you, was feel up on you down between your legs see what kind of genitals you had, corregidoda so you could breed well, or make a good whore.

To corrgeidora what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Ursa’s search reflects her struggle to construct selfhood amidst the traumatic stories told by her great-grandmother and grandmother of their experiences at the hands of the Portuguese Brazilian slaveholder Simon Corregidora.

It’s small in page numbers, jonea it is HUGE in theme. Since then, Jones only talks to family and Harper and has refused corregieora requests for interviews. To view it, click here. Ursa hears the jonrs of her forbears, the brutality, incest and trauma. Ursa finds Tad in bed with another woman and moves out. She thought she had to go to the toilet, and then something told her not to go outside to the outhouse like she was going to, and then she squat down on the chamber pot.

Corregidora problematizes notions of freedom by presenting characters that foster their own psychological bondage to trauma. Jan 29, Pages. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Still waters run deep, for sure!

However, in exploring this oppositional strategy of witnessing, I am most interested in charting how the resistance of one generation becomes the trauma of another. As you might have gathered from my style by now, it’s not really my cup of tea, but I have no problem acknowledging the message Jones is trying to get across.

As it says on the back of my book, this is a “brutally honest and painful revelation of what has occurred, and is occurring, in the souls of black men and women” James Baldwin. The new edition of an American masterpiece, this is the harrowing story of Ursa Corregidora, a blues singer in the early 20th century forced to confront the inherited trauma of slavery.

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Jones jobes lives in Lexington, Kentucky, where she continues to write. The Sadness of Beautiful Things. Corregisora rape and incest that occurs between Great Gram, Gram and Simon can be read as complicating the notions of love and hate, desire and danger. More specifically, ‘Corregidora’ is about those people with mixed My review of this book has been long overdue – even though nobody was probably waiting for it in the first place, which does provide some solace.

Gayl Jones

This is the narrative of the last of the Corregidoras, Urse, the blues singer, who is rendered unable to bear children due to her husband’s abuse on the second page of the book. The Lost Carousel corrsgidora Provence. Descriptions of her life with him suggest a highly ambiguous relationship that complicates conventional conceptions of resistance, agency, and desire.

Although it artfully implies a lot more than outright tells it is pretty graphic and physiologically intense.

Corregidora by Gayl Jones | : Books

Books by Gayl Jones. She then began a graduate program in creative writi Gayl Jones born November 23, is an African-American writer from Lexington, Kentucky. Margo Jefferson’s corregdora is accurate: As in Ursa’s song, there are women “”who take a man on a long journey but never return him. The novel is not primarily concerned with describing the nature of nineteenth-century slave life in Brazil, but rather it focuses upon exploring methods of combating historical erasure and coping with trauma derived from a history of enslavement.


She then began a graduate program in creative writing at Brown University, studying under poet Michael Harper and earning a Master of Arts in and a Doctor of Arts in That’s how we all begin, remember that.

Corregidora by Gayl Jones

Gayl Jones’ first novel is a gripping portrait of this harsh sexual and psychological genealogy Set in the s, Blues singer Ursa Corregidora is haunted by the past — not so much her own, but rather the past of her great grandmother, her grandmother, and her mother. They simply have to go.

Perhaps because of these reasons, I had a difficult time relating to or empathizing with any of the characters, let alone the protagonist. How, then, to tell the necessary tale about oppression, how should the modern black woman give her testimony, if not to her descendants?


Through flashbacks and internal memories, we understand Ursa’s mental anguish when trying to discern between the painful slave legacy and her present day household situation. However, cprregidora the slave past is ever present, the novel does not focus on Great Gram’s resistance to Corregidora during her enslavement to him. Contact Contact Us Help.