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This Defence Standard (DEF STAN) is sponsored by the Warship Support Agency .. DEF STAN 00–35, DEF STAN 08– and the System. Def Stan Series 08 – Classified Restricted. To download online standards click on underlined titles. Standards Superseded by: Def Stan .. Def Stan Series 21 – Maritime Weapons Systems and Equipment. To download online standards click on Superseded by: Incorporated in Def Stan

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MST – Lockheed Martin.

Def Stan |

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. 08-23 manufactured items shall not to be used unless absolutely unavoidable. Top covered with Fearnought. Please click here for more information about the position. Presses The presses which are to be air operated with electrically heated heads and tables, are to be suitable for damp pressing of a variety of service clothing and linen.

UK Defence Standardization

Correct application of standards is as defined in the ITT or contract. See also Clause 7.

Can also be used as a ironing table. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. A continuous cycle of washing, drying and pressing, with full loads of dirty laundry is to be carried out.

wtan The drawer is to be lockable, fitted with a recessed handle, backstops and a positive drawer catch. To lead the environmental, structures and installation activities in support of programmes.


Requirements A complete set of individual systems requirements supportd by a general dsf. For all machinery and equipment accepted for installation additional detailed drawings shall be supplied as may be necessary to enable the machinery or equipment to be properly installed, maintained, and repaired.

Heaters shall automatically cut-out in low water condition. Can be either a document or a database. Care shall be taken in design and manufacture of the lint screen to ensure that air—tight joints are made and that the screen is readily accessible for removal without undue increase in the space required round the machine for access. Drying Tumblers Equipment of the rotary open—ended type, electrically driven and with an electrical heating unit of sufficient capacity to dry the quantity of damp laundry work for which it is designed.

Analyzes damage tolerance, durability, design allowables and structural modeling. Documents required for certification. Marking Top between Sorting Bins. Equipment containing 0-123 is only to be offered in satisfaction of this standard after consultation with, and with the written agreement of, the Sponsor Section; 4 Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene and Polyvinyl Chloride – The use of Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene CSP and Polyvinyl Chloride PVC as insulating material for electrical cables is restricted.


Analyzes, researches and develops structural engineering specifications involving metals, non-metallic or composite structural materials for product design, or operation of product to include structures, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronics, power plant, armament, heating and ventilating, equipment and maintenance designs.

Ironing Table A table for general ironing.

Systems Engineer – Environmental / Structures

Lockheed Martin LM is a large multi-national technology company, specialising in the management of complex programmes. Two Tier Work Table A table for general laundry use. All such fastenings shall be of a captive type. Sorting and Marking table. Electrical Equipment of Machines: It is important that users of Defence Standards ensure that they are in possession of the latest issue or amendment.

Details of how to contact the helpdesk are shown on the outside rear cover of Defence Standards.

Presentation by Matt Walhout at reception for Stan Haan and Dev referenced standards were correct at the time of publication of this standard see 3. Iron Holder to be provided. Minutes February 24, Soiled Bundle Bin Containers for the stowage of items prior to sorting, marking and laundering.