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Deryni Rising has ratings and reviews. Mike (the Paladin) said: It was years ago when I ran across Katherine Kurtz’s Deryni novels. Oddly, I ne. The classic novel that introduced the Deryni?and launched Kurtz?s career. For more than thirty years, the Deryni Chronicles have transported readers. Jul 20, Deryni Rising, like A Game of Thrones, takes place in a world notable for how closely it hews to historical example—or at least, to a somewhat.

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This does, though to circle back to Paul’s questionget at politics. As for the plot of the book, simple would be an understatement. So Rislng kept putting off rereading them. The political institutions are like ours were. I didn’t say I don’t see it, I just said, it’s not my chosen “mode of literary enjoyment”. Not light reading – very deep historical fantasy text – and brilliantly done by a woman who was a church historian for some 20 years. The line was mostly reprints. I feel bad about being so negative about the “heart risinng of an author I respect.

Refresh and try again. Later that night, Morgan encounters Charissa in the palace and the sorceress proudly admits to murdering Brion. Eddison which also sold well. The final scene or confrontation in the book takes place with the sorceress Charissa. Except for some highlights, I struggled to enjoy this book. Some titles I found in those aforementioned spinner racks. Much like science fiction, fantasy is anything I point at and say is fantasy.

It is full of Deryni magic and involves an evil sorceress. deryin

He hits so many buttons of mine. This first book is also probably the weakest. Okay, I lied–there is one other female who appears momentarily, a courtesan who Morgan basically slaps out of her “female hysteria. It hard to imagine that this book was released 43 years ago! I think if they were being published for the first time now, a lot of reviewers would excoriate them harder.


Deryni Rising

Deryni Rising was the first of Kurtz’ Deryni novels to be published, though some of her later works served as prequels, detailing events that occurred before the time period of Deryni Rising. It was really odd and clearly wasn’t deliberate, so I’m hoping she learned to write both sexes better in the subsequent volumes.

Did this bother you guys as well? He’s a little less perfect there so I’m less gi I’ve loved this book since I was a boy. After that, I started finding it hilarious. I keep a lot of those “older” books still on my shelf because I tell myself one day I’ll be able to look past the cheesy dialogue and happy endings and heroes on their quests for magic relics and see the value in rizing classic stories.

Zahorski in their Fantastic Imagination series of anthologies. This was a fully realized world full of real characters from page one.

Books by Katherine Kurtz. There are 14 books in the main cannon feryni far – and a 15th on the way – 6 in the “historical” time period and 8 in the “now” – that is, the series is about the world of the Deryni – consider: Despite the bad first impression, I was willing to give it some leeway because of that, and because it was Kurtz’s first eising. I have the copy 7th reprint!!

Deryni Rising by Katherine Kurtz | : Books

The above conceded, there are real problems with the writing in veryni book that I now see with my experience in the craft now guiding my eye.

It gave it a more solid feel, nothing flaky or whimsical about it. While it isn’t our world, it almost feels like rsiing. In my copious free time. Ceryni however superstitious fears, bigotry, misunderstandings and simple prejudice brought about a persecution of the Dreyni people. Read it Forward Read it first. The enchantment of other lands, and Elfland argument sounds to me, like an argument made in the Encyclopedia of Fantasy about the diminishment of magic as being a major concern in fantasy.


But the more important linkage is, I think, the common approach of recontextualizing the medieval Romance and historical accounts of court intrigue within the fantasy form.

And if he wins, he is King—but all the world will know that he is also Deryni…. So I’m going to rate this a 2, but really I’m giving it a 2. View all 5 comments.

It was her fault I reread Melanie Rawn ‘s Dragon Prince trilogy last year and I definitely wanted to join in with this one. For a 12th century medieval setting, there was also some jarring modern word usage and even a couple of Americanisms in the dialogue: This is essentially a page transition of power. Deryni Rising feels like it comes from a somewhat different timeline of fantasy novels, or one that is an undercurrent. Just a moment dderyni we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Despite how passionately we started a derynl on twitter deryni and the fact that she is still publishing new work, Kurtz seems to be a borderline forgotten fantasy author. I think it is the simplicity of the story and how elegantly Kurtz constructs the story. Eddison ‘s The Worm Ouroboros. On the Rings side of things, Deryni Rising is set in the sort of unspecified pseudo-medieval setting that is typical of post-Tolkien fantasy novels.

But now, young Prince Kelson is about to assume the throne after the mysterious death of his father. View all 3 comments. Though I love the Heirs of Saint Camber trilogy almost as much. I’ve read and reread the Deryni trilogies every few years throughout the past 4 decades.