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ToImage(sChartImg, ); but when I go to compile the program I get errors stating ” Exporting the WebChartControl on server side. ,; Web i want o export the web chart to image on server side using the button control. Show all Alex (DevExpress Support) 5 years ago. Hi Imran. I am using both ChartContorl and WebChartControl, in the ChartContorl there is the ability to export the chart into pdf format or html format and.

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Martin Bell 11 1. Sign up using Facebook. This demo is based on the How to display detail data within a popup window example. This functionality is encapsulated in the CardDragDropManager class. Hi, I’m using v vol 1.

Then show the filtered ListView via the XafApplication. When enabled editing we get this error ‘Excel completed file level validation and repair.

DevExpress Support Center Examples http: The main idea is to override the DataService. To do this, handle the RenderBrick event and populate its argument ImageValue property with the image in binary format. Here is how I add series to the chart during the run time: When a navigation item is clicked, records from the ListView that is about to be displayed are not loaded until the filter dialog is closed.


Nikolai DevExpress Support at: At present, we recommend using the solutions illustrated in the following examples: I have a WebChartControl on my web page.

DevExpress Support Center (Examples)

With a certain amount of reverse-engineering, usage of System. Ste ps to implement: I’m using Web Application, would this matter? Thanks, Daniel Added By: How to use SingleChoiceAction to show a certain resource in Cevexpress. When a user executes a navigation item that displays a large ListView, the application should display a popup window that allows you to define a filter for this ListView before loading records in it.

I have updated the example. To provide this capability in this sample, we create a UserControl with TextEdit and a button. SaveStateOnCallbacks properties should be set to false.

– Can i get an image output for a Developer Express WebChartControl? – Stack Overflow

Any chances of adding that, even if it is commented out? How to use the DXSerializer. To do this, it is necessary to do the following: The following example demonstrates how to obtain underlying data corresponding to a particular visual element using the DashboardViewer’s API. A sample project that illustrates the issue would be helpful.


The dxDataGrid is used to display these records. Filter lookup’s New action.

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Create a Custom Service. E19 example – How to actually save the file to the database. So, please provide a sample project reproducing the issue. Now handle the file on the server-side as you need. I have created a separate request and forwarded it to our developers.