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Our development depends on the advanced equipment, excellent talents and continuously strengthened technology ting of prefabricated structures. 1 Valliammai Prefabricated Structures Question Bank; 2 Unit –I; 3 Unit – II; 4 Unit Discuss with sketches the concept of disuniting of structures in prefabrication. Explain the production process of prefabricated structural elements. 9. Explain the steps involved in the process of disuniting of prefabricated structures. 6.

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What are the safety factors to be considered?

How will you eliminate handling stresses while hoisting precast members? What are the structural components for prefabrication?

Define large panel systems. Leave a Reply Cancel reply How to add comment: ST Prefabricated Structures Degree: Explain with tsructures sketch about beam to column and column to foundation connection?

What are the various stages involved in prefabrication of structures? What are materials used for connection?

What is the importance of joints in precast structures when compared to cast insitu structures? What are the behaviors of structural components? Distinguish prefabricatfd rigid joint and hinge joint with reference to prefabricated construction.


Distinguish between rigid joint and hinged joint with reference to prefabricated construction. What is meant by joint flexibility? Sketch the joint between precast column and footing. Sketch column to column connection What are materials used for prefabrication techniques?

ST Prefabricated Structures M.E Question Bank : –

What are the reinforcement requirements of joints in precast construction? What is partial walls? What are the types of shear wall? Explain the design of two way systems in floor slabs. What are the factors to be considered in disuniting the prefabricated structures?

ST7016 Prefabricated Structures M.E Question Bank : valliammai.co.in

What are the essential requirements of joints in precast construction? What is meant by tolerance? Valliammai Engineering College University: August 20, at 3: Write a short notes on behavior of joints in floor and roof slabs. Explain the joint techniques and materials used for expansion joints in detail? Sketch beam to column connection What are the stresses during erection?


What are the requirements of ideal structural joint? Explain joint deformation 5. What are the IS codal provision?

Also explain its behavior. Explain in detail with sketches the prefabrication system and their relative merits and field of application 8. Explain framed buildings with partial and curtain walls. Name of the College: Distinguish between one way and two way prefabricated slabs Explain about Roofing members in detail.

Give the codal recommendations for reinforcement with respect to reinforcement. List out the different types of joints in floor and roof slabs. Write any two transportation method used for prefabricated structures. Home You are here: Write the design procedure for cored and panel types of floor slabs. Explain the merits and demerits of expansion joints?