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Ecclesia de Eucharistia is an encyclical by Pope John Paul II published on April 17, . External links[edit]. Ecclesia de Eucharistia · Summary issued by the Vatican Press Office, Zenit, 17 April REFLECTIONS ON ECCLESIA DE EUCHARISTIA. 1 – Cardinal José Saraiva Martins, C.M.F.. Cardinal Saraiva Martins, Prefect of the Congregation for the. On Holy Thursday this year () our Holy Father Pope John Paul II published a Letter on the Eucharist (Ecclesia de Eucharistia). Since Jesus talks of himself.

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Mary also guides us to Christ in the Blessed Sacrament by the whole manner of her life, which can aptly be described as Eucharistic. The existence of the Church eccclesia upon the unbroken succession of the apostolic ministry.

Tommy Lane This homily was delivered when I was engaged in parish ministry in Ireland before joining the faculty of Mount St. In the twenty-fifth year of his pontificate, our Holy Father chose to give thanks to Eucharietia for the years of his service as Successor of Saint Peter by dedicating his fourteenth encyclical letter to the Holy Eucharist, the source and highest expression of our life in Christ.

Precisely to bring out more clearly this deeper meaning of liturgical norms, I have asked the competent offices of the Roman Curia to prepare a more specific document, including prescriptions of a eccleeia nature, on this very important subject. At the same time, receiving the Body and Blood of Christ enlightens our minds and inflames our hearts to see what keeps us from unity with God and with each other, and to sumjary out from our hearts these seeds of disunity. Saint Paul refers to this unifying power of participation in the banquet of the Eucharist when he writes to the Corinthians: Our Holy Father exclaims: Every commitment to holiness, every activity aimed at carrying out the Church’s mission, every work of pastoral planning, must draw the strength it needs from the Eucharistic mystery and in turn be directed to that mystery as its culmination.

Christ became incarnate for our salvation through the action of the Holy Spirit. AAS 71xummary And the opposite is also true: The beautiful art and architecture which has been associated with our churches and their altars and other furnishings down the centuries is for us an inspiration summayr reflect upon the great mystery of dr Holy Eucharist.


Reflections on Ecclesia de Eucharistia

The Church constantly draws her life from the redeeming sacrifice; eccleska approaches it not only through faith-filled remembrance, but also through a real contact, since this sacrifice is made present ever anewsacramentally perpetuated, in every community which offers it at the hands of the consecrated minister. The devout participation of the faithful in the Eucharistic procession on the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ is a grace from the Lord euhcaristia yearly brings joy to those who take part in it.

Our Holy Euchariztia makes clear the profound meaning of Eucharistic communion for our life in the Church by reminding us that we not only receive Christ in Holy Communion but He also receives us. We contemplate Christ best in His Eucharistic face.

To her he gave the beloved disciple and, in him, each of us: So, too, the Holy Eucharist was entrusted by Christ to the Apostles and has come to us through the unbroken succession of the apostolic ministry n. I am referring to the relationship of the Eucharist to ecc,esia activity.

It is the Bishop who, through the Sacrament of Holy Orders, makes a new presbyter by conferring upon him the power to consecrate the Eucharist. The Eucharist thus appears as both the source and the summit of all evangelization, since its goal is the communion of mankind with Christ and in him with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus himself reassures us that this union, which he compares to that of the life of the Trinity, is truly realized. By proclaiming the Year of the Rosary, I wish to put this, my twenty-fifth anniversary, under the aegis of the contemplation of Christ at the school of Mary.

Alexandrina lived only on Jesus in the Eucharist for thirteen years Jesus our Healer, healing through the Mass and sacraments. By analogy with the Covenant of Mount Sinai, sealed by sacrifice and the sprinkling of blood, 38 the actions and words of Jesus at the Last Supper laid the foundations of the new messianic community, the People of the New Covenant. The Eucharist also expresses this sense of apostolicity.

This sacrifice [of Calvary] is so decisive for the salvation of the human race that Jesus Christ offered it and returned to the Father only after he had left us a means of sharing in it as if we had been present there. In the final chapter of his Encyclical Letter Ecclesia de Eucharistia, our Holy Father reminds us that, if we want to ponder the profound mystery of the Holy Eucharist, especially its relationship with the Church, then we must look to Mary, Mother of the Church and also model of the Church.


Did the Apostles who took part in the Last Supper understand the meaning of the words spoken by Christ? The blood which shortly before he had given to the Church as the drink of salvation in the sacrament of the Eucharist, began to be shed ; its outpouring would then be completed on Golgotha to become the means of our redemption: It is in the Eucharist that prayer for vocations is most closely united to the prayer of Christ the Eternal High Priest.

Such action of the Church is required in order to respect properly the Holy Eucharist and to avoid confusion and scandal in the community of faith n. With this heightened sense of mystery, we understand how the faith of the Church in the mystery of the Eucharist has found historical expression not only in the demand for an interior disposition of devotion, but also in outward forms meant to evoke and emphasize the grandeur of the event being celebrated.

Ecclesia de eucharistia summary pdf

Editio typica tertia, No. What countless blessings have come to the Church and the eucuaristia through the never-ceasing prayers before the presence of our Eucharistic Lord. In fact, the Rosary always leads us to desire the fullest possible communion with Christ, which we have in the Holy Eucharist, and it is a way for us to extend our Eucharistic communion with Christ throughout the day.

The celebration of the Holy Mass truly makes us present at the sacrifice of Calvary.