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Pakistan has almost a trillion dollars worth of Gold Reserves in Baluchistan and Waziristan. Something went wrong Is your network connection unstable or browser outdated? Quaid had warned us of this herrorism in when he inaugurated the State Bank.

Allama Iqbal had warned us in ‘s that Jews are controlling the lifeline of Europe and this civilization would commit suicide with its own dagger. Today, they remain shameless despite watching in horror as their satanic system collapse all around. Islam is the only option left to humanity now but Muslims are least prepared in terms of knowledge and unity.

All major zaud are stock piling Gold NOT dollar. Economic and information wars against us are more deadly than the physical wars. This regime is trying to auction those reserves to Jewish gangs.

See the bigger picture. When we spoke about this banking system in in our series Economic Terrorism, the Zionist funded liberals made fun of us. This is the true magic of Samri Economid that he has blinded billions for so many generations with such a magic trick. The time is now almost upon us.


Zaid Hamid: Brass Tacks-Economic Terrorism Episode1 Part1 – video dailymotion

Your current browser isn’t compatible with SoundCloud. That is terrorksm we say, prepare yourself on the course we have given below. How stupid world can be?? How stupid, How insane man can get??? Just look at Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Somalia This regime must be removed and there must NOT be any elections, else prepare for a massive civil war just like Syria today.

This is another reason why there are US backed wars in Waziristan and Baluchistan. But this is exactly what is happening. That is zakd the Zionists are waging these wars in the Muslim lands and elsewhere to control the real wealth natural resources when their fake paper would evaporate.

Zaid Hamid: Brass Tacks-Economic Terrorism Episode1 Part1

Allah has blessed us with everything only if we have leaders like Salahuddin or Quaid e Azam. Please download one of our supported browsers.

Some Jewish banker is cutting trees and making paper from them and then printing them into “bank notes” and we think it is “Real Cash”, “Hard currency” and “hot cash”!! Capitalism and Communism have collapsed and now the entire world which was dependent upon fake paper currency and banking system is in hamd brink of chaos and anarchy. Even today, there was a case hearing in the Supreme Court. All currencies are fake, made out of trees only That is why they want o break Muslim lands into smaller regions.


Chrome Firefox Safari Internet Explorer. We have seen this happening terrofism so many countries and now all fake paper currencies would be suffering the same fate — they would crash. How idiots the “wise men” of nations are??? Only the deaf, dumb and blind would still remain arrogant and deny what we say.