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Informal relationships develop through personal friendships.

This information will enable you to intelligently discuss career opportunities with your people. As you study, relate the information in the training manual to the knowledge fichr already have.

This type of supervision creates hostility and stirs up such an atmosphere of nervous apprehension that it actually causes mistakes that otherwise would not have occurred People do their best work when they feel the supervisor trusts and respects them and when they feel the supervisor is present mainly to give them help and needed direction.

Train- ing for men and women in many ratings will be planned from the time they enter the Navy until they retire. It isn’t necessary to fill a gallon kettle full of water ifche clean it. Officers receive a basic allowance for subsistence BAS authorized by Congress to pay for meals served and eaten on board, and chief petty officers’ rations are com- muted to the CPO mess.

Fichs development can be defined as a process that provides for the functional growth of the technical administrative and leadership skills required of us as Navy petty officers. The supply system is composed of techniquue major types of field supply activities.

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The depots receive requisitions for technqiue action from the Supply Operations Control Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and ship material to the requisitioners. Some articles reveal actual quotas for forthcoming advancement cycles. The Secretary of the Navy is assisted by members of the execu- tive branch. If necessary, a Mess Management Specialist will be detailed for duty in charge of meat preparation. The leading MS is directly responsible to the food service officer for the proper maintenance of all spaces and equipment of the foodservice sec- tion.


Topic headings can be developed from previous examination tear-off and profile sheets. There is no tuition charge, pro- vided the courses are satisfactorily completed, although students will be required to purchase textbooks and possibly pay a registration fee.

Formal schools and training require- ments This section contains a checkoff entry for the individual having completed the Military Requirements Navy training courses and the applicable Navy training courses for adetw Mess Management Specialist rating. The board may or may not have any real authority, but in any case, it serves a worthwhile purpose. The objective is to ensure that the training given is useful training and to eliminate overtraining prevalent in the past.

Train your personnel to lock the padlock on the staple and remove the key whenever they enter a storeroom or other locked supply department space. Waste is one way to send costs shooting skyward. How is this information related to the occupational standards? It should be deliberate and not done routinely or as a matter of form. PARs are described as those skills and abilities required for advancement or change of rating that can tehcnique be demonstrated by actual performance.

The substitution of another potato recipe, such as mashed potatoes, is not acceptable.


Responsibility for laundry and cleaning services for the quarters and mess. While the importance of this type of training cannot be overemphasized, it should not be viewed as a cure-all approach to career development.

The billet of the messdeck master-at-arms, when written into the ship’s manning document SMD billet structure as a Mess Management Specialist, is permanently assigned to the supply department. Customer service is a major function of the MS division. Offering technical guidance in supply- related functions to supply activities ashore and afloat that are under Naval Supply Systems Com- mand cognizance 3.


Operation and upkeep of equipment assigned to the supply department.

Submitting the menu to the mess president for approval. Sound supply department organization is necessary to carry out the objectives of the depart- ment and will vary according to the mission, physical characteristics, and complement of the ship It is based on a division of activities and on the giche of responsibilities and authority of individuals within the organization. Other courses and publications listed in this publication are strongly recommended as study material since they are used, in addition to Navy training courses, as source material for preparing the examinations.

Preparation and Service of Food The food service officer must ensure that teechnique general mess menu is prepared by the leading Mess Management Specialist.

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Don’t take a chance on losing eggs by storing adetx improperly. Chief petty officers may be assigned to this school. Eligible personnel compete for advancement to fill vacancies based on the total Navy billets authorized.

Sanitary regulations for general mess and related spaces. The cost of clothing items, monograms, and heraldic patches for military foodservice per- sonnel is charged to the operation and mainte- nance allotment adete the activity or the operating target funds of the ship. The leading Mess Management Specialist has the following responsibilities: