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Have a look at the manual for your specific RP23 or download it from the fox website. The propedal settings for my RP23 are. I just got a Fox RP23 shock. Just follow directions on the Fox website. Your bikes manual should be able to tell you how much sag you. Here’s a quick overview of how to set up your Fox RP23 rear shock for best performance.

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All the above advice makes sense to me. How you pedal is important too — you can learn not to bounce ro23 a kid on a space hopper eventually. You should notice the difference with Propedal on or off….

fox float rpair pressure – Singletrack Magazine

I run psi rear and 75psi front F and am 13st 9lb. A rule of thumb is that rebound should be as fast as possible without kicking back and pushing the rider off the saddle. If the pro pedal makes the shock locked out your using too much air. It should only be adjusted while in a stationary manuao. Then note pressure for future.

ProPedal damping reduces pedal-induced suspension bob. Did that on mine when I got it and its been fine till a tf service a year later. Posted 6 years ago. Im 74kg with camelbak etc and use psi in Zesty RP If you can find your bikes manual on-line you should be able to get the intiial setup info in that, most people will then adjust this to suit their own riding style. Have a look at the setup guide here:. Some other things to consider for all cox models:.

For slower reboundturn the red adjuster knob clockwise. Air Spring Setting Guidelines. With an RP23 on an Orange 5 the nature of the design means you run a little higher psi than your weight in lbs. Could anyone tell me from his own experience whether the settings are ok, or need to be adapted for the Spark? Because suspension designs and riding skills vary, optimal settings can vary from bike to bike and rider to rider.


You can also view a Flash video on Manua, Sag.

I fine the 1st pp setting does fine on ascents. You do need a high amount of PSI for the Spark to pedal properly — what compress tune does the shock have? As with the ProPedal lever, switch positions and select a setting that reduces suspension movement most effectively while providing the desired amount of bump absorption.

Usually a good starting point is your weight in lbs in psi. Conversley with an RP23 on a Yeti ASR the nature of the floatt means you run a little lower psi than your weight in lbs. The Spark needs a medium tune at least.

Use each setting to adjust the shock for different riding conditions floaat situations. I reckon not… Getting the right air pressure looks to be quite tricky too, I tried psi for my 85 kg, but after some posts here, I will probably end up a bit higher for a 9,5 mm sag….

For the boost valve they usually recommend 1xPsi per lb in weight, so the guide for you would be psi. No good — he has a DT shock. Depending on riding style Posted 6 years ago. The ProPedal lever allows for on-the-fly ProPedal adjustment.

Have a look at the manual for your specific RP23 or download it from the fox website. It is a dream of a shock once bedded in. Rebound controls the rate at which your shock returns after it has been compressed.

fox float rp23-air pressure

I managed to set up the air pressure correctly, but what really surprised me was the side play…will have to use some 0,5 mm spacers for each side… Posted 6 years ago. The three ProPedal knob settings are:. Cleaning out the valve core helped alot too. The propedal settings for my RP23 are: The ProPedal knob settings are denoted by the numbers etched onto the ProPedal knob.

  BS EN 13383-1 PDF

You could try stripping and rebuilding without a new seal. The floaf ProPedal lever settings are:. Take your shock pump with you on the next ride and add or subtract a bit until the bike rides how you want it to ride. There may be a small amount of air sleeve lubricant residue on the body. I reckon not… Getting the right air pressure looks to be quite tricky too, I tried psi for my 85 kg, but after some posts here, I floah probably end up a bit higher for a 9,5 mm sag… Posted 6 years ago.

Manufacturers have different tunes on the propedal to suit the bike. What pressure do you guys run? You are a little over that but alot depends on the suspension design and riding style.

To determine which ProPedal position is better for your condition and situation, pedal the bicycle and monitor the flpat movement.

Manial should provide a stiffer ride but still provide full suspension action. What bike is it? tox

The proper rebound setting is a personal preference, and changes with rider weight, riding style and conditions. If this residual air sleeve lubricant is not present, this is flloat indication that the air sleeve should be re-lubricated. For more precise ProPedal tuning and to further eliminate pedal-induced bob while maintaining bump compliance, adjust the ProPedal knob.

The propedal settings for my RP23 are:.