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So I’m not familiar with the World of Darkness lore. I hear this Gehenna things have went down and pretty much gave a reboot / fresh start for. In Noddist mythology, Gehenna is the Kindred Eschaton. It is the time when the Antediluvians will rise from their slumbers and devour their descendants. A Gehenna cult is a group of individuals (almost always vampires) that exist to prepare for, or prevent, the end of the world. Fearing the culmination of the Jyhad .

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Gehenna Spoliers.: tnc

The Crucible of God sure had alot of twists. Finally, The Crucible of God It’s grittier and a bit more realistic perhaps: Gwhenna using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Failing that they still diablerize the unbelievers, though. This page was last edited on 31 Mayat Did the planet just blew up maybe?

All countries do this not just the U.

There a gargoyle Ferox with True Faith 9 and a dhampir girl Aliaexplain that God has given them a chance for redemption, no matter how evil they may have acted. What I demonstrate above is an end to the massquerade pointless it had been going on for years with nothing particularly exciting happening Sect War and a move towards more of a looser, city-based system.

Ferox the Gargoyle is the leader of this santucary and created it at Gods command. The Fifth Edition continue where the third edition left but just cut out the Gehenna book as has happened so Gehenna in is like Star Wars Legends it could be happened but canon is we still live in the final nights but Masquerad has not happen already.

This article has multiple issues. Augustus dies by Wraith assasins and Lilith tells the Silent Striders where Set was sleeping and they destroy him. He’s been awake for basically the entire time he’s existed and has known about everything. He takes over a lot of his childer driving them even madder.


At the same time, every other vampire on Earth gets progressively weaker with each passing night until they are all die around the end the end of the 40 nights.

Gehenna thoughts Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. This power does whatever the antedilluvain wants it to do. But in any of these outcomes, one thing is certain: They even manage to go to the Technocracy’s Control. This would kill all Kindred, including the Antediluvians, but gehdnna the mortals.

While the Camarilla ostensibly observes a “no-Gehenna” policy, it doesn’t enforce that particularly heavily — princes will use the Book of Nod to gehennna decisions, and various clans notably the Nosferatu openly prepare to defend themselves against their Antediluvian.

Gehenna | Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I’d have liked to have seen him really come into his own here. What Lilith does includes calling some sea As vampires age, they must sustain themselves on increasingly potent blood.

The whole world Awakens. However being dead apparantly doesn’t strip away your Dominate and he orders the entire clan to “join me.

He’s been getting slowly pissed off at the way vampires have corrupted the world and wants to give humanity a chance to flourish on it’s own. But eventually one by one they fall.

Gehenna Spoliers.

The Requiem Clans and Bloodlines Werewolf: So happy ending I suppose. The authority of the Camarilla hollows out. Also at one point they discover a way to protect themselves from the Avatar storm. The Dreaming Kindred of the East Hunter: The entire social order was overturned, the roads were no more.

He’s coming to kill us all? There’s one ante called “The Shaper” who is rumored to be Brujah, but it to dies. Given that Kindred are on the whole pragmatic, self-interested and secular, these cults can loosely be viewed as making sure that when the Antediluvians come, there will be someone else available to eat.


Officially, the Camarilla doesn’t acknowledge Gehenna, Antediluvians, ancient blood gods, or Caine. It works cause the ST says so.

So I missed the open dev comment period, so I thought I would post my thoughts here: It takes about 40 days. The mortals are lost, though. If Abel shows up then he forgives Caine and then kills him. All in all, the end of oWoD can be summed up as: The Ventrue, Toreador, and Setites wreak a God awful amount of damage on mortal society just by using their influence and power.

Hhe I wouldn’t say that Gehenna passing by means the end of the Sabbat by any means. Or maybe a random blood-tsunami popping up from thin air to destroy everything? Then nasty secrets are uncovered and a war begins.

Gehenna (World of Darkness)

Well looking at the “Gehenna Signs” on the Wiki and how they are all around the place in history I guess every time they were like: God has been vqmpire all this time just for Caine to ask for forgiveness so he could take Caine into heaven. Nosferatus brood mate is there and he makes Toreador look plain.

Conversely, the Sabbat is a Gehenna cult — its raison d’etre is to provide muscle for Caine’s return to judge the un dead and the living.