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Hence, a rebranding was again necessary to restore the brand image of the previous phase. Hritik Roshan was signed up by Cinthol for its new. In , Godrej filled its logo with colours to convey the vibrancy and in a massive global rebranding push) the key is to make brand identity. That’s the question Godrej must have asked itself before going for its affected by the rebranding: “In markets such as Indonesia, Argentina.

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Twenty-ten was meant to be the start of something new for global clothing retailer Gap, which owns brands Banana Republic and Old Navy among others. Interestingly, it was also around the time the Gap saga was unfolding that telecom major Airtel was readying itself for its new identity. However the size of the premium market was still small while the brand continuously gaining popularity. It can be as simple as a unique color, type treatment, or even a symbol.

It trended on Twitter for 7 days grabbing the attention of over 7 lakh people and lakh impressions.

Godrej goes for rebranding to connect with youth – The Hindu BusinessLine

After all, perhaps more telling than these individual decisions made in the confines of a brand’s headquarters be it Atlanta or Noida, is the deepening gorge of the consumer’s interest in the manner in which a company chooses to express itself through its rebrandng strategy. We supply plant and equipment to the petrochemicals and oil sector, we supply to the nuclear power industry, to the space programme.

Shedding its fuddy-duddy image, the group has now opted for a new brand identity to acquire an international appeal in global markets. Employees rsbranding bankrupt RTIL join hands to revive company Move to prevent liquidation of premium clothing firm with no investor It seemed a particularly inauspicious time to be re-inventing the wheel on brand personality.


He wants to learn about the different dimensions of life. So the design was more authentic and easier to connect with,” points out GI’s associate vice-president of design, Darshan Gandhi. It is intent on engaging the youth market, and is adapting its message for different media outlets and platforms. British Petroleum BP for example understood that using the colors of green and yellow would signal environmental sustainability and help change the perception of the company.

Capital One As if the previous wordmark was not bad enough, Capital One kept the wordmark, added a swoosh, and colored it with the most overused colors in America; red, white and blue Naturally, re-branding has its perils but add a global online population the size of China’s on stand by to firebomb and it’s bound to send a quiver down the spine of the most seasoned marketer.

Deciding what to drop has helped turn around Godrej Agrovet. It drove our repositioning towards being a younger, more vibrant brand without diluting our core values of quality and trust.

9 Rebranding Campaigns That Changed The Fate Of These Popular Brands

The Rs 7,crore Godrej Group has finally unveiled its brand new corporate identity and branding strategy at itsheadquarters in Mumbai on Friday. Sumit Mitra, the executive vice-president of corporate HR at Godrej Industries, had a hand in encouraging and respecting autonomy. And finally the king of all colours as far as branding is concerned — Red.

Hence, a brand too needs to adapt and evolve in order to stay alive in the new environment and remain competent in the market. Value for money is good, but we can also create value that we can charge for, which the consumer will consider worth paying more for. What a year has been!

  LEI 11346 DE 2006 PDF

The 90s saw the company forge joint ventures with multinationals and modernise its management methods; the turn of the millennium saw Godrej restructure the group with separate CEOs leading the different businesses as separate companies. However, the ad was all about the real personality of Virat Kohli.

Fill in your details: He claims to listen more to those younger to him by years. Whatever the reason may be, according to Kumar Ramanathan, CMO, Vodafone Essar, it’s critical that it should not be a functional calling but an organisation calling.

Cities were renamed, liberals were shouted down and vegans found their voice. If a gpdrej is doing well, growing year after year, why does it need to transform? Nonetheless, it prompted Airtel to carry out intensive tests on the new logo.

This consumer segment is different from its earlier core group who were the middle-aged, mid-market and resided in small towns. Naturally, re-branding has its perils but add a global online population the size of China’s on stand by to firebomb and it’s bound to send a godfej down the spine of the most seasoned marketer.

Godrej goes for rebranding to connect with youth

If the more profound adjustments behind the scenes take root, we will see the Godrej Rebrannding in a new avatar sooner than later.

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