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Frederick Beiser’s Hegel ushers in a new series, ‘Routledge Philosophers.’ The list of contributing authors is a distinguished one, yet nobody. Hegel () is one of the major philosophers of the nineteenth century. introduction, Frederick Beiser covers every major aspect of Hegel’s thought. Frederick Beiser, Hegel, New York, Routledge, , ISBN: Fluently and lucidly written, Frederick Beiser’s Hegel offers students an introductory.

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Within limited space, Beiser managed to cover several pivotal heyel for any substantial understanding of Hegel. And although Beiser notes Hegel’s love of opera and art galleries, he fails to ask — with Gethmann-Siefert — what that might suggest about Hegel’s attitude to contemporary art as a social if no longer religious practice concert hall, museum, world-literature, etc.

This “greater” identity does not exclude anything that seems alien to it, because for a concept to actually develop itself, it is necessary for it to posit or encounter its other and to recognize itself in its other.

Jun 27, Enoch Kuo rated it really liked it.

Oct 12, Mike rated it really liked it. Still, in an age of global scholarship, where there is so much to be read, there is perhaps not time to read Hegel, so; one must read a brief exegesis. Archived from the original on 4 March Westphal Limited preview – Implied in this methodology is Hegel’s unique idea of the identity of identity and non-identity. In pages Beiser manages to suggest much of the sweep and challenge of Hegel’s thought, in direct and straightforward prose, yet without shirking the procedural difficulties of Hegel’s arguments and positions.

Hegel by Frederick C. Beiser

Many of the central difficulties that Hegel and others of the time were trying to navigate hegsl the time are set forward with clear and almost analytic precision, yet the book does not seem to sacrifice careful and nuanced interpretation to simplicity of style.


Beiser’s book fulfills the aim of the Routledge series of providing contextually informed introductions to the great philosophers it does bieser better than the books on Kant and Schopenhauer. Hegel’s strategy was to admit the limits of understanding but in the meantime to suggest a higher form of thought, i. A beoser of clarity and scholarship, Hegel is both the ideal starting point for those coming to Hegel for the first time and essential reading for any student or scholar of nineteenth century philosophy.

Frederick C. Beiser

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Frederick Beiser’s Hegel ushers in a new series, ‘Routledge Philosophers.

Beiser’s approach is thematic rather than work by work or biographical. The result is in my judgment little short of a triumph.

Feb 14, Renxiang Liu rated it it was amazing Shelves: In my view the dialectic of IVa is most plausibly taken as that of a single consciousness finding that in order to make good its claim to self-awareness and self-satisfaction in the world bbeiser large it must be conceptually prepared to recognize otherness, an other equal to itself; there need actually be another person involved.

The intuition they championed, on the other hand, reveals heegel an inchoate and underdeveloped image of the infinite.


Beiser tends to psychologize the battle, to speak about “respect” for another’s “desires” or for its “status” as a human being. He explains how in its most abstract terms, Hegel’s entire philosophy is an attempt to reveal the identity of identity and non-identity.

References to this book Hegel’s Epistemology: One of the best books that has been published about the Hegel’s philosophy in late decades; Frederick Beiser is beier professor of Hegel’s studies which he is German originally and one of the familiar Hegel’s professors. Thereby showing how many of the mythical claims about him that he was a proto-Fascist, that he misunderstood and regressed from Kant, belser his system necessitates Beiser ebiser writes exceptional introductions to German philosophy and this book on Hegel doesn’t disappoint.


In this regard, the tone and manner of writing is one hegep the greatest strengths of the book; even a philosopher such as Hegel, renowned for the tortuous obscurity of his prose, is brought within the comprehension of the student. Jul 01, tom bomp rated it really liked it Shelves: At the same time it leads Beiser to slight the so-called “analytic” interpretation which has been instrumental in the recent Anglophone revival of Hegel’s philosophy, since Findlay and others.

I highly recommend to anyone who wants to get a good introduction to Hegel’s thought.

Hegel – Frederick C. Beiser – Google Books

I have reservations about a few beised, for example, the treatments of intersubjectivity chapter 8 and aesthetics chapter As soon as those heegel are removed in speculative thought, the other ceases to be an absolute other and is reconciled into a greater whole. He is author of The Fate of Reason: This book claims to be an introduction to Hegel’s thought, but is well beyond that. By what Beiser calls a historical and hermeneutic approach, he was able to show that some of the ideas we usually attribute to Hegel’s originality were actually quite common to a whole generation.

Yet to rule out of court such recent linguistic interpretations as, e.