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El hexagrama 14 es llamado 大有 (ta yu), “La Posesión de lo Grande”. The hexagram deals with pleasure that is spiritually meaningful. The universal spirit – the connection of everything in the universe as a sentient spiritual whole. Hello all, I asked Yi “I’m having trouble finding direction in my life. Any advice?” > 14 I am very confused something great is on the way.

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Buddhahood is when you accord with this essence. The strength of line four is tempered by his position in a magnetic place.

14 Great Being DA YOU

Gexagrama to 38 Opposition. And in hexagraam experience The first lesson after an achievement of success is to stay fluid and mobile. It describes the Great Beings filled with spirit and ancient virtue and the abundance, prosperity and protection that flow from them, symbolized by the Moon and the Moon Cult of the Changes. To have one’s inner forces correctly united is indeed Possession in Great Measurewhich is the title that Wilhelm gives to this figure.

If pride and envy have surfaced in your life, let them go.

Life has offered you its greatest gift — the power to shine with an inner certainty that need not be defended. The little man is unworthy of the honor. Psychologically, this line expresses the idea that the will of the ego to maintain the letter and spirit of the Work creates a climate of compliance among the other complexes within the psyche.


You are advised to stay attentive to all your affairs. Originating-from heaven shielding indeed. Let yourself be led and you can realize the hidden potential.

iChing Affluence

This will connect you to heaven above and let you know the right moment to act. Loading the big wagon. The central line of Clarity responds to the central line of Strength, eventuating in timely action.

Negative actions of others will have no effect on the work. You are seen for who you are and trust is not misplaced.

James DeKorne’s Official Website – The Gnostic Book of Changes – Hexagram 14

He acts in accordance with the nature of goodness the will of heaven to enrich his life. Hexagdama good fortune in winning the respect of others enables him to make changes without prior preparation. This field should be left blank. The time now is Fire located above heaven.

Have a vehicle, an inspiring idea to carry your plans and desires. Even while you barely look over your dashboard, desktop or television, life still finds productive ways ehxagrama coaching your authentic nature forward. Avoidance of the harmful brings no blame. His wisdom discriminates clearly what he ought to do. One is blessed by heaven. The distinction to be made is to see the difference between the minister in line four and the ruler in line five — i.

The outcome of the confrontation with the numinous powers depends upon the attitude of the ego. This inner re-organization leads to harmony with others.

hexxgrama This refers to the virtue accumulated by the subject of the line, so that he will suffer no loss in the conduct of affairs. Ease and freedom from preparation. If you struggle, there will be no fault.


This applies as much to those of great wealth and stature as to the people beneath them.

Obstacles disappear because of the hidden influence of Breakthrough. You have found the perfect plan. This will reverse what feels like an oppressive situation. This turns outer inspiration and intuitive power into inner perseverance.

His disadvantage is having no association. Philanthropy is an obligation of those in possession of mature wealth. The image suggests a situation of great potential which could be ruined through bad choices of action.

Changes to 34 Great Power. The entire structure you presented is incredibly helpful! This return of the spirit attracts a new fate.

This, however, does not absolve the aspirant from doing what the Work demands. Hi Your question is very wide and without much context. Great possession is great success. Results 1 to 10 of Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Brightness differentiating clearly indeed. Great Possessing, Spring Growing.

Amassing centering, not destroying indeed.

Click on the links to connect with the Relating Figure generated by each line. Concentrate on one inspiring goal and share your success. The Flame burns away any barriers that keep you from experiencing yourself just so.