HP 8552B PDF

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Technical Support

Add A5R18,R: You can get it from here; http: Selects log 2 or 10 dB or linear display modes. Connector Mint Gray Initial Inspection Seal box with tape provided.

I think I should pick up a B unit as well in the near future to have on hand. Bp 1-dB increments for logarithmic amplification; indicates mul- tiplication factors up to unity for linear amplification. Selects scan trigger mode. Repeat steps 6 through 8 until trace is split by graticule in each step.

Test Gear Maintenance – G1SLE .

A7R23 to R: I have an TG as well. The ratio of this bandwidth to the 3 dB bandwidths defines the analyzer selectivity. Perform Step 4 for each of the Filter stages in turn, as indicated: Change A4R26 toR: You can zoom in close to see the labels with the serial number or zoom out up see the overall condition of the equipment. Check kHz bandwidth, paragraph This instrument has a two-part serial number. Any Hewlett-Packard Sales and Service office will arrange for instrument repair or replacement without waiting for a claim settlement with the carrier.


See Service Sheet 5.

Hp-8552b Spectrum Analyzer If Section

Set D to 0 dB. This section describes adjustments and checks required to return the analyzer IF section to peak operating condition when repairs are required. Model B Service If no change in display occurs when the switch is used, check for an open circuit 8552b faulty capacitor. A4R44 A4R45 11 Adjusts crystal filter skirt width. The output of current amplifier Q16 is degrees out of phase with the signals in the summing bus and of sufficient amplitude to cancel them.

Free the related inductor core with acetone and center the capacitor. If signal is correct, pro- ceed to test 7b.

If component changes are made. Lll, L12 and C19 form a tank that tunes out stray capacitance to give Yl a pure resistive load at 3 MHz. NOTE Steps 5 and 6 may require iteration. The transistor associated with pins 1 drop the clipped signal level to the level of the signal out of the input operational amplifier. The following equipment is recommended for maintenance purposes: Log-Linear Amplifier Check and Adjustment cont’d Preset Adjustments Schematics 3, 4, 5.

Controls are provided to vary the width and position of the CRT trace. The physical layout of the switches Figure illustrates the difference between the old are shown as well as a straight-line presentation of method of switch presentation and the 8525b line switch action.


Diode Replacement System Test and Troubleshooting Procedure. New parts list and schematic for instruments with serial prefix and lower.

Add up total attenuation. Solid state transistors are in many physical forms.

See Service Sheet 12 for information about Q Voltage should be To replace a transistor, proceed as follows: The instrument contains a new A7 board assembly. At scan times of 1 second or slower it is filtered by C5 on the Scan Time Switch Assembly A9; this fil- tering eliminates any low frequency components that might frequency modulate the 2 MHz VTO and thus modulate the 47 MHz VTO when nar- row bandwidths and slow scan times are being used.

It’s like having the store come to you! Test procedures follow the circuit description in each of the steps below. Large manufacturers and suppliers of radio and electronics have to keep up to date with the latest in test gear. Scan Time Modulation Peaks 5- 1. I guess millions of pounds worth of often only slightly out of date stuff must end up in landfill every year.

HP 11 A Service Kit