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View and Download HP M service manual online. HP Printer All in One Printer HP Laserjet,Color Laserjet Mn Getting Started Manual. Hp laserjet. Manuals or user guides for your HP LaserJet Mn Multifunction Printer. Table Control-panel bezels (HP LaserJet Mnf) (continued) Service manual (this manual) English only CB Getting started guides English, .

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Table of contents 1 Product information Quick access to product information Clear jams from the print-cartridge area Internal components 2 of Print cartridge limited warranty statement List of tables Table Product guides List of figures Figure Operating environment Figure Replacing the ADF pickup roller assembly 5 of Figure Remove the power supply 7 of Quick access to product information Use the following Web site to find information about the product.

Product comparison The product is available in the following configurations. Fax models have fax ports as well. Use the fax controls to change commonly used fax settings.

Serial number and model number location The serial number and product model number label is on the back of the product. Software description Supported operating systems The product supports the following operating systems: HP ToolboxFX provides links to product status information and help information, such as the user guide, and tools for product problem-solving. You do not have to have Internet access to open and use Macintosh Configure Device. In HP Director, click Settings.

Media specifications Supported paper and print media sizes This product supports a number of paper sizes, and it adapts to various media. To obtain best print results, select the appropriate paper size and type in the print driver before printing. Site preparations Operating environment Place the product on a sturdy, level surface in a well-ventilated area. Make sure that the air vents are not blocked and that the product is installed away from direct sunlight, open flames, and ammonia fumes.

Figure Operating environment Store or install the product in an area that meets the following requirements What was in the box The following components are included in the box.

The USB and network cables are not included. Align the two tabs m15522n the input tray with the grooves in the ADF. Slide the tray into the grooves until the tray snaps into place.

HP LaserJet Mn Multifunction Printer User Guides | HP® Customer Support

Close the ADF cover. ENWW Install input devices Priority input tray The priority input tray is accessed from the front of the product.

The product prints from the priority input tray before attempting to print from tray 1. Media guides ensure that the media is correctly fed into the product and that the print is not skewed crooked on the media. Tray 1 Push tray 1 into the product Open the tray cover, and then adjust the media guides out. Load the paper in the tray, snug the media guides against the stack, and then close the try cover.

Install supplies Install the print cartridge Open the print-cartridge door. Remove the new print cartridge from its packaging, and then rock the print cartridge back and forth. Remove the orange cover from the print cartridge, and then pull the orange tab straight out to remove the sealing tape.


Insert the cartridge into the product until it is firmly in place. Close the print-cartridge door. You can check the supplies status by using the product control panel, printing a supplies status page, or viewing HP ToolboxFX.

Hewlett-Packard recommends that you place an order for a replacement print cartridge when Low message for a print cartridge first appears. Use a new, authentic HP print cartridge to obtain the following types of supplies information: Replace supplies Print cartridge Open the print-cartridge door.

Grasp the handle on the print cartridge, and then pull the cartridge straight out to remove it. See the recycling information inside the print cartridge box. Hot water sets toner into the fabric.

HP M1522nf – LaserJet MFP B/W Laser Service Manual

Because they are not HP products, HP cannot influence their design or control their quality. Servicd or repairs required as a result of using a mm1522n supply will not be covered under the warranty. HP will help determine if the product is genuine and take steps to resolve the problem. Clean the product Clean the exterior Use a soft, damp, lint-free cloth to wipe dust, smudges, and stains off of the exterior of m1522h product.

Clean the flatbed scanner glass Dirty glass, from fingerprints, smudges, hair, and so on, slows down performance and affects the accuracy of special features such as fit-to-page and copy. Clean the scanner-cover backing Turn off the product, unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet, and raise the scanner cover.

HP LaserJet M1522 Mfp Series Service Manual download

Clean the white scanner-cover backing by using a soft cloth or sponge that has been moistened with mild soap and warm water.

Also, clean the ADF scanner glass callout 1 next to the flatbed scanner glass. Return the assembly to the same place in the ADF.

The largest roller goes in back, and the gear side is away from you. Lasfrjet check for correct installation, lift the green lever until it remains open.


The pickup-roller assembly should be secured to the lever and should not fall out. Laserjte sure that both sides of the assembly are secured with the green hooks. Lower the green lever and the roller assembly and close the ADF cover. Clean the paper path During the printing process, paper, toner, and dust particles can accumulate inside the product.

Over time, this buildup can cause print-quality problems such as toner servicf or smearing. This product has a cleaning mode that can correct and prevent these types of problems.

Click the product, and then click the Device Settings folder. Manjal the Print Quality page, and then select Calibrate now. Click Apply to start the calibration process.

Calibrate the scanner from the product control panel At the control panel, press Setup Open the Secondary Service menu by pressing and holding both the down arrow button and the Management mamual Information pages Information pages reside within the product memory.

These pages help diagnose and solve problems with the product. If the product language was not correctly set during installation, you can set the language manually so the information pages print in one of the supported languages. Change the language by using the System setup menu on the control panel or the embedded Web server EWS.


Page description How to print the page Menu map On the product control panel, press Setup Shows the control-panel menus and available settings.

Use the arrow laserjft to select Reports, and then press Use the arrow buttons to select Menu structure, and then press OK.

View product status information. This page indicates product conditions such as a jam or an empty tray. After you correct a problem with the product, click Refresh status to update the product status. You must click Apply before the changes take effect. The Laserjt tab contains links to the following main pages: Set the fax receive mode.

Make any required changes, and then click OK. Fax send log The HP ToolboxFX fax send log lists all recently sent faxes and information about them, including the date and time sent, job number, fax number, page count, and the results.

Click any column heading in the fax send log to re-sort the information in that column in ascending or descending order. View information about the product, such as the product description and a contact person.

Change the product paper-handling settings, such as default paper size and default paper type. These are the same options that are available on the product control-panel.

Three options are available for handling print jobs when the product is out of media: System setup Use the HP ToolboxFX system settings options to configure global settings for copy, fax, scan, and print, such as jam recovery and auto-continue.

Service During the printing process, paper, toner and dust particles can accumulate inside the product. These are the same options that lsserjet available on the PCL5 menu on the control panel. Changing network settings in the EWS might disable some of product software or features. The intuitive browser interface simplifies cross-platform management of mqnual wide range of devices, including HP and non-HP devices. Basic operation This chapter presents an overview of the relationships between major components in the product, and includes a detailed discussion of the image-formation system.

The following systems are discussed: Scanner and ADF functions and operation The following sections describe how the document scanner and the automatic document feeder ADF function.

laserjef Scanner functions The scanner uses a light source, a color-separation method, and a charge-coupled device array CCD to collect servuce information about the document and transform that into an image file. The scanner consists of these elements: Scanner operation At power-on and periodically at other times, the scanner assembly moves systematically to locate laserjdt home position.

It then calibrates to a white strip located under the glass at the right end of the scan tub. If the product detects a document in the ADF when a copy or scan is initiated from the software or the control panelthe scan module moves to the left side of the scan tub and stops. The paper-present sensor detects the presence of media in the ADF input tray.