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turn off Auto mode by switching the Auto switch to Manual. 2. Fill the frame with something white, illuminated by your primary source of light. Expose it so that itʼs . User manual for the device Panasonic AG-HPX Online user manual database. Using the HPX camcorder for the first time. 5 .. The Panasonic AG-HPX a high definition (HD) .. Servo/Manual switch on the LCD side of the camera.

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Panasonic AG-HPX170P Operating Instructions Manual

This is a great trend that Were happy more manufacturers are getting on board with. Optical Internal ND Filter: Each time you press the button, the display changes as follows. Select [Applications] ” [Utilities] ” and start up [Disc Utility]. Connect the digital video equipment to this unit. Records the date at recording. Press the USER button to which the shot mark function has been allocated. Operating precautions Do not manua, any water to get into the camera- recorder when using it in the rain or snow or at the beach.

This plays back about 2 seconds of the video and audio of the most recently recorded clip before returning to pause mode. This feature adds greatly to the picture quality of the HPX by allowing a higher contrast ratio in the picture than would normally be possible.

Panasonic AG-HPX DVCPRO HD Camcorder Review – Videomaker

Using the Counter Counter display You can display a counter that indicates how much time has elapsed during shooting or playback. Does mabual perform the Auto Gain Control in auto mode. Magnifies the center portion of the image and displays a histogram. Memory card camera-recorder p2hd, dvcpro hd, dvcpro 50, leica dicomar pages.


After backup recording, check the menu item settings before you operate the camera- recorder.

Other similarly priced camcorders come in between and Cannot perform interval recording, one-shot recording or loop recording. The current white balance value appears. To initialize the user file i.

Adjusting The Backlight Adjusting the backlight The steps below show how to set the brightness of the LCD monitor to one of three possible levels.


Slot number display The number of the slot with the P2 card containing the clip indicated by the yellow frame is shown here. The lamp is OFF in all circumstances. Manaul show me this message again. Don’t have an account? Push the Operation lever in the w or q direction to move the yellow frame to the clip to which you will add a shot mark.

You can perform the following operations using the thumbnail screen. Notify me of new posts by email. If a clip extends over the P2 cards in two slots, both numbers will appear in yellow.

The camera-recorder shoots in the 24 fps native mode. Summary of the content on the page No.

Saving scene files and other settings on SD memory cards You can save up to four scene file settings or other settings as files on an SD memory card, and you can also load them from the card. Align the battery with the the AC adapter, place it flat, and slide it in the direction shown below.


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You will need the latest updated version of P2 Viewer. This is the only quibble I have with the layout of the manual controls, in that the plastic guard does its job too mahual, making it difficult to adjust the audio dials for those like me, with relatively large fingers.

For details on how to attach the cable, see the Operating Instructions supplied with the cable. Before calling for service continued Shooting Cannot start shooting.

Select this to display the metadata which has been recorded in the unit. Adding Shot Marks To Clips Adding shot marks to clips Adding shot marks will make it easier to find the clips you are looking for.

The P2 based media, though, is still costly, and the tradeoff for great pictures is short record times. Using scene files The settings according to the variety of shooting circumstances are stored in each position of scene file dial.