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Das HVT-Z Mittelspannungsendverschluss-System der Produktreihe Raychem von TE Connectivity (TE) ist mit einem coextrudierten einteiligen Anschluss. Hybrid Velocity Training HVT Bowflex – The NEW Bowflex HVT machine combines both – cardio and strength into one of the fastest, most effective workouts ever. Die deutsche Telekom stellt den Kommunen eine Liste der DSL-Hauptverteiler als PDF-Datei zur Verfügung die über die Webseite Zukunft Breitband des BMWi .

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ABB Leader nella fornitura di sistemi di misura e lisre, commutatori, isolatori e materiale isolante. Adhesive tapes for electrical insulation and electromagnetc shielding. AMES Structural sintered parts, soft magnetic parts, gears, self-lubricating bearings, silencers, filters. AMS Since – more than a decade – we operate as a global producer of process-plant technology. Machines and automatic lines for the production of wound stators and rotors of electric motors.

Design build and run progression tooling for Laminations. Sensori e sistemi per grandezze elettriche,termiche e meccaniche. Machines and accessories for the winding field. Macchine ed accessori per l’avvolgimento elettrico.

Blanking magnetic laminations and die-casting rotors.


Design and manufacturing steel-dies and carbi. Cuscinetti volventi, cuscinetti per motore elettrico e articoli per la trasmissione meccanica.

Co-manufacturing for electric motor components. Progettazione e costruzione stampi lishe e produzione minuterie metalliche. CTP CTPsrl is a specialized company in the manufacture of electric and insulated conductors for electrom.


Manufacturers listd Advanced Resin Dispensing equipment for open air or vacuum casting. Diasol offre soluzioni innovative per la diagnostica predittiva dei sistemi di isolamento elettrico. Overmoulded stator and rotor stacks. L Toroidal cores, “C” cores and Block cores. Cores for transformers low, medium and high power.

Producer of Litz wire. Electrical, thermal and mechanical insulation.

IDvet | Innovative diagnostic kits

Enamelled copper and aluminium wires, Litz wire, flat wires. S Winding machines, equipment and accessories. Prototyping and small series. Commercio all’ingrosso di cuscinetti a sfere e componenti per motori elettrici. Stampi-stampaggio materie plastiche-rocchetti-accessori trasformatori-moulds-moulding-coilformers.

Winding and assembling systems. New, renewed machines, automations and accessories for coil winding. Formulation and developing of tailor made plastics, pigment, silicone rubber and their mold. Produzione cablaggi elettrici dal per tutti i settori industriali. Macchine per avvolgimento toroidale. SRL Equipment for electrical transformers: Distribution of electrical steel in coils, strips, sheets. Grain Oriented and not oriented, DC Enamelled copper wires, electrical insulating materials, cable, adhesive components, varnishes.

Calibration and sample magnetization. Winding Robochain High precision winding manufacturin. Supply of rare earth permanent magnets, sintered magnets, magnetic assemblies and plasto-magnets.

High-value target

A Nuova Eletrotef is since specialized liwte the blanking of magnetic sheet for all types loste cores. Macchinari e attrezzature specifiche per la lavorazione e manifattura dei motori elettrici. SAS Dosatori per resine.

  ICOP 6154 PDF

Resine epossidiche per il riempimento e l’isolamento di componenti elettrici. An Italian company specialized in the manufacturing of spiral wound multilayers tubes and endcaps. Leader in the strategic winding solutio. KG Injection molding; Plastic insulation by overmolding stators, rotors, stator segments.

A analizzatori di rete vettoriali,analizzatori di spettro,oscilloscopi,misure EMI,ricevitori. Trecciolatori e macchine di saldatura. Stampi progressivi, pressofusione e plastica. Progressive tools-Aluminum molds-Plastic Molds. KG Complete welding and joining technologies from a single source. SPA Windings for Electric pumps of various kinds, motors for machines used in the building industry.

Manufacture of resolvers, encoders, tachogenerators and sensors. Trickling, Roll Dip, Dipping technologies.

Acquisition systems for test benches, automation and end-of-line test systems, quality control. Professional manufacturer of enameled wires. Production portfolio of the TPC consists of the coil winding machines and accessories.

Diecasting, slinky, tool building. Electrical Motors, Alternators, Switchgears, Automotive. IDC terminals for motors, bobbins, coils etc.

Power meters for Test systems for motors, Oscilloscopes.

Acquista il tuo stand. SRL Equipments and toolings for electric motor and alternator production. Technical products for electrical motors.

Carbon brushes Brush holders Mechanical carbons. L Enamelled copper and aluminium wires.