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BESTÅ is specially designed to take care of all your storage needs. – and to A high standard of accuracy has been sought in the preparation of this brochure. BESTÅ storage combination with doors, white, Lappviken white combination · BESTÅ shelf unit with glass doors, Sindvik black-brown .. Catalog & Brochures. Good-looking storage for a great-looking living room. BESTÅ is specially designed to take care of all your storage needs— and to look good while doing it.

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Or as you said a bad Ikea believe in sustainability then why to waste data and time brochurs takes loading, simply provide it offline within app.

If I move the top, wobbles around 5 to 10 mm. Hide the TV behind doors. Normally I don’t write reviews but this product is s crime against common sense and I just felt compelled after such an anguish of an installation.

Construction quality of the sides and doors is reasonable. We have the same issue with the Besta wall units. It s really the place where creativity and order come together. I looked after I read the review and saw it then. Max load 66 lbs. Ikea did not provide the screw to attached to wall. We have removed the door and are not using.

IKEA Belgique – BESTA 2014

To apply, visit your nearest IKEA store or www. Watch some, and then close the door. Max load 55 lbs. Did you like this article? Or let the books speak for themselves and choose discreet white or wood veneer. Planner 5D – Interior Design. LACK series Clear lacquered, printed and embossed painted finish.


Besta took me all evening until past midnight.

IKEA Catalog [Full]

The unit is not setup well in regards to securing it against the wall. Here you can see, feel and touch the quality of our storage products for yourself.

We also screwed in sturdy wooden blocks in the top two corners at the back. The screws immediately stripped during installation making the install ridiculously long and painful. Despite being set up inside and never moved from the date of install the cheap chipboard has swollen and the wood grain laminate has started to peel off.

Ikea Australia refuse to sell the besta suspension brochrue rail. We have optimized and enhanced the app.

And will live on for many years to come. Upgrade with doors that cover, display or give space for personal expression. A TV-solution from one of them can easily be coordinated with shelving from the other. It is now finally useable as a bookshelf, but we’re still not confident brochuure doors can be safely attached.

Only for flat-screen TV. Its really nice to have all the storage in the room the same and as the shelves are all adjustable it is easy to customise them to suit different uses. And within your budget.


Just putting a cabinet together now and my god it’s crap. It is that time of the year again!

‎IKEA Catalog on the App Store

Other related interior design ideas you might like Most of the install was me trying to force a stripped screw into position. To reach even higher you can attach the height extension and keep on going all the way up to the ceiling. Not sure if I’m going to find another entertainment center or go elsewhere with my business. Very poor quality, the unit does not last only has ours for a few months and already the draws are wobbly and broken! Glass doors with space for inserts will really spark your creativity.

Play with red, white, pink or black. Although every instruction says attach to the wall, the back of the units are inset and if you have a tall skirting board to put the unit next to, there is a big gap to fill in!

I’m dissapointed since I liked Ikea in the past. Support Us Disclaimer Privacy Policy.

Use the included handles for the glass doors and get a push opener for the solid doors. We have done some optimizations and enhancements.