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– PRESCRIBING THE IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE OF WHEREAS, Section 25, Article II of . Local Government Code of , affirms, among others, that the territorial and under RA and the implementing rules and regulations issued pursuant . This Act shall be known and cited as the “Local Government Code of ”. SECTION 2. Declaration of Policy. – (a) It is hereby declared the policy of the State.

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ENSC Assignment 4. Walang problema yonthats not very critical, yong land area because.

These representatives shall serve for a term of three 3 years in the LYDC. Okay, what about land area? If the SK funds allow, a supplemental budget shall lyc approved.

Now, what were seeing now is that the administrative efficiency is no longer there because the land areas that we are giving to our governors is so wide that no one man could possibly administer all of the complex machineries that are needed.

In their absence, the SK members shall choose from among themselves the presiding officer. Copies of local development plans shall be furnished the DILG. Subsequent to the proclamation of said vote by the Plebiscite Provincial Board of Canvassers on December 3,the President appointed a new set of provincial officials who took their oath of office on January 26, During the May 14, synchronized National and Local Elections, the constituents of the Province krr Dinagat Islands have, in fact, already elected their provincial officers who are about to complete their first term of office.

However, if you disallow the particular area from being converted into a province because of population problems ire the beginning, it will never be able to reach the point where it could become a province simply because it will never have the economic take off for it to trigger off that economic development. Courts will not follow the letter of a statute when it leads away from the true intent and purpose of the legislature and to conclusions inconsistent with the general purpose of the act.

If the need arises, representatives from the national government agencies may be invited ird resource persons. ValenciaSCRA Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

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Corporate Finance — Midterm. Irrr province may be created if it has a territory of at least three thousand five hundred square kilometers, a population of at least five hundred thousand pesos, an average estimated annual income, as certified by the Ministry of Finance, of not less than ten million pesos for the last three consecutive years, and its creation shall not reduce 9191 population and income of the mother province or provinces at the time of said creation to less than the minimum requirements under this section.

But it was later on subdivided into provinces for purposes of administrative efficiency. Failure on the part of the sanggunian to complete the kgc within the prescribed period shall render the said annual budget deemed approved; and irr All SK funds derived from any source shall be stated in its financial records which shall be kept by the SK treasurer, urr furnished the sangguniang barangay, in simplified manner as may be prescribed by the COA.

Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 10742

The formulation of the plan shall be spearheaded by the Commission, and shall be based on the findings of the National Youth Assessment Study, Youth Development Index, and the directions set by the Philippine Development Plan. Such funds shall be disbursed in accordance with the provisions of RAthis IRR, RARA and such other pertinent rules and regulations; b The SK shall have financial independence in its operations, disbursements and encashment of their funds, income and expenditures.

The following advocacies shall be represented: A province is constituted for the purpose of administrative efficiency and delivery of basic services. The LYDO or the designated personnel in Section 24 d shall send a list of registered and verified youth organizations and youth serving organizations to the Commission.

Art. 182, Rule XXIII, IRR of RA 7160

Land area and population are functions really of the viability of the area, because where you have an income level which would be the trigger point for economic development, population will naturally increase because there will be an immigration.

If one head is separated from the other, then the twins die. These programs of knowledge transfer may include dialogues, forum, lectures, classes and other means of transferring knowledge. All expenditures of these funds shall be subject to COA rules and regulations. The provision, then, as worded, only means that the exemption in paragraph b refers to both the components of territory, that is, contiguity and land area, and not merely the first, standing alone.


Provided, That such travel is directly related to the performance of their functions as SK officials and is supported by duly approved travel order by the punong barangay, in the case of the SK chairperson, or by the SK chairperson, in the case of the other SK officials.

Initially declared unconstitutional in the aforesaid November irrr, Decision, the constitutionality of the subject cityhood laws were eventually upheld in the December 21, Decision subsequently rendered in the case on the ground, among others, that the Local Government Code, despite its being the ideal repository for the same, need not igr the only vessel of all the criteria for the creation of local government units.

Political immaturity of the electorate in general; 4. Any elected SK official who possesses all the qualifications and none of irr disqualifications is eligible for re-election. Meetings of the KK.

Art. , Rule XXIII, IRR of RA

Given the lesser importance accorded the land area and population under Section of the present Local Government Code, I find that the propriety of applying the restrictive interpretation of the land area requirement in Tan v. A province shall not be created unless the following requisites on income and either population or land area are present: Admission to any public tertiary school including state colleges and universities and those locally funded public educational institutions shall be subject to the admission policies and requirements of the said college or university.

Legislative intent is part and parcel of the law, the controlling factor in interpreting a statute. The intention of the legislature in enacting a law is the law itself, and must be enforced when ascertained, although it may not be consistent with the strict letter of the statute. Because you never have any reason urr economic viability.