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Eustațiu Ion Mihai Stoenescu s-a născut în ziua de 14 mai în familia lui Grigore și Acolo îi cunoaște pe Jean Alexandru Steriadi, Camil Ressu, Nicolae Dărăscu, – – Expozitia “Saptamâna Olteniei” de la Craiova, Saloanele . Trimite fișier · Pagini speciale · Navigare în istoric · Informații despre pagină. Istoria loviturilor de stat în România: by Alex Mihai Stoenescu(Book) Patimile sfîntului Tommaso d’Aquino: roman by Alex Mihai Stoenescu(Book). Mihai Golescu, Mariana Golescu (). Consemnări geografice Numeroase consemnări geografice, istorice, economice . , Moisescu Alexandru. Seminarul Stoenescu (Dâmboviţa); Zamfirescu şi. Drăghici sau Oltenia.

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Stoenescu, Alex Mihai

Davidescu described Macedonski, Ion Minulescu and other Symbolists from Wallachia as distinct from their Moldavian counterparts in both style and themes. His stance was interpreted as collaborationism by his critics. Among the group of contributors, several had already been victims of Maiorescu’s irony: In parallel, Macedonski used the magazine to publicize his disagreement with the main Junimist voice, Convorbiri Literare.

Although Alexandru Macedonski frequently changed his style and views on literary matters, a number of constants have been traced throughout his work. Particularly during the s, Macedonski was a follower of Edgar Allan Poe and of Gothic fiction in general, producing a Romanian version of Poe’s Metzengerstein story, urging his own disciples to translate other such pieces, and adopting “Gothic” themes in his original prose.

Inhe wrote about progression in one’s career: Such aspects have been reviewed negatively by modern critics. Born in BucharestMacedonski-son was the third of four siblings, the oldest of whom was a daughter, Caterina. Macedonski’s eldest son Alexis continued to pursue a career as a painter.

It was through this venue that he began responding to Ion Luca Caragiale’s earlier attacks. Macedonski’s status as one of Romanian literature’s greats was consolidated later in the 20th century.

In parallel to his literary career, Macedonski was a civil servant, notably serving as prefect in the Budjak and Northern Dobruja during the late s. Both his son Alexis and grandson Soare were known painters. In Januaryhe launched his most influential and long-lived publication, Literatorulwhich was also the focal point of his eclectic cultural circle, and, in later years, of the local Symbolist school. According to Anghelescu p. Krasztev From a Deadlocked Present Naturalist depiction was also the main element in his prose pieces of the early s.


InMacedonski published a new collection of poetry. During the neutrality period, Macedonski had shed his lifelong Francophilia to join the Germanophileswho wanted to see Romanian participation on the Central Powers ‘ side. However, Macedonski reportedly faced extreme poverty throughout the occupation.

It upheld Symbolist authors as the models to follow, [] while Macedonski personally began producing what he referred to as “instrumentalist” poems, composed around musical and onomatopoeic elements, and showing a preference for internal rhymes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cocea used Macedonski’s fantasy prose as an inspiration for their own, and N.

Seeking to achieve a perfect union with his lover, he eventually kills her and drowns himself in the Black Sea. Although showcased by the National Theater with star actor Constantin Nottara in the title role, it failed to register success with the public.

In old age, he became the author of rondelsnoted for their detached and serene vision of life, in contrast with his earlier combativeness. WellsMacedonski also wrote a number of science fiction stories, including the Oceania-Pacific-Dreadnoughtwhich depicts civilization on the verge of a crisis.

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This section does not cite any sources. Stoenescu’s historical work has been considered controversial, especially his works about the rule of Ion Antonescu and the revolution. And he is the emir, and he owns each thing One of them is Rondelul crinilor “The Rondel of the Lilies”which proclaims fragrances as the source of beatitude: By the s, Macedonski developed and applied his “social poetry” theory, as branch of Realism. Ornea argues, was one of the meeting points between Macedonski and Junimism.

Carlson, “Poe in Romania”, in Lois Vines ed. The first such figure was Junimea ‘ s Titu Maiorescuwho believed him to be a minor author, referring to him only a couple of times in his books and usually ridiculing him in his articles. I’d cry for him if in bedlam His fate were not one for the best As up to yesterday he had been dopey And now he is merely insane.

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Sunt ca orice om. With the adoption of such tenets came a succession of Symbolist poems, where the focus is on minutely-observed objects, usually items of luxury, partly reflecting themes he had explored in the Naturalist stage. Alex Mihai Stoenescu born October 2, is a Romanian historian, writer, journalist and politician. Thalassa, Le Calvaire de feua fantasy novel and extended prose poemwas celebrated by Macedonski’s disciple Oreste Georgescu as “the new religion of humanity”.

The poet probably acknowledged that posterity would reject them, and did not republish them in any of his collected poetry volumes. Views Read Edit View history. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. Cernat gives the date aswhile Sandqvist mentions and The emerging avant-gardealthough originating from Symbolism, progressively took its distance from Literatorul ‘ s legacy.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Jihai.

In prose, his focus shifted back to the purely descriptive, or led Alexandru Macedonski into the realm of fantasy literature. Like those written previously by Literatorul ‘ s Pavelescu and Alexandru Obedenaruthey are based on an earlier motif present in Macedonski’s work, that of recurring refrains. Like in the case of Eminescu’s conflict with Macedonski, the polemic enlisted a negative mibai from the public. In his article oftitled Spre ocultism. Supported by the liberal press and defended mihaai the most prestigious pro-liberal attorneys Nicolae Fleva among themMacedonski faced a jury trial on June 7, being eventually cleared of the charges.

Alexandru B. Știrbei – Wikipedia

The following year, he left for Italy, where he visited PisaFlorenceStoenescand possibly other cities. Macedonski’s open conflict with Junimea began inwhen he engaged in a publicized polemic with Alecsandri. Urechiawhom Macedonski made president of the Literatorul Society. Unlike patients with dissociative identity disorderDorval does not actually imagine his life has become Napoleon’s, but rather joins with him on an intellectual level.