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Manuals. Manuals in other languages iPhone User Guide for iOS 12 · Web | Books. Sep Apple Watch User Guide for watchOS 5 · Web | Books. range of audio, video, and PDF content, and to make it available quickly and easily to Users can browse content and download it to their Mac. Fixes an issue that prevented some users from viewing the last known .. just place Apple Pencil on what you want to mark; Create a PDF and markup Automatic Setup signs you in to iCloud, Keychain, iTunes, App Store.

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The all-new Useg Info has been completely redesigned to focus your attention only on what’s necessary for the selected item. The current version of iTunes enables users to manage media content, create playlists, synchronize media content with handheld devices including the iPodiPhone and iPadre-image and update handheld devices, stream Internet radio and purchase music, filmstelevision shows, audiobooks and applications via the iTunes Store.

Music is automatically added to the library from a watched folder.

Addresses an issue where new purchases in iCloud may not appear in one’s library if iTunes Match is turned on, makes iTunes more responsive when searching a large library, fixes a problem where the AirPlay button may not appear as expected, and returns the ability to display duplicate items within one’s library. Retrieved April 1, With this change, Cover Flow is no longer available within the application.


Performance improvements, music sharing only in subnet. Adds support for renting Iitunes movies and provides a number of bug fixes, including addressing 1.10.4 with VoiceOver and syncing with iPhone and iPod Touch.

History of iTunes – Wikipedia

Adds support for iBookstore on the iTunes Store. Archived from the original on May 1, Retrieved March 1, This is the last version that fully supports Macs with a G3 processor. Fixes possible playlist problems in 6.

Last version to support Mac OS X Archived from the original PDF on October 21, The new version was available for download later that day. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved October 13, Retrieved September 19, Addresses a problem itunrs subscribed podcasts may stop updating with new episodes and resolves an issue where iTunes may become unresponsive while browsing your podcasts episodes in a list.

Fixes installer issue which may result in data loss.

About iOS 11 Updates

Retrieved October 11, Improvements for iTunes Match. Retrieved January 2, Uder issues with VoiceOver and WindowEyes. Use Listen Now to easily play new episodes or continue where you left off.

Addresses an issue with creating ringtones using iTunes Plus song purchases and includes bug fixes to improve stability and performance.

Retrieved July 16, Software by Apple Inc. Retrieved April 27, This version included tighter integration with iCloudand a new user interface.

One major feature includes the integration of ” iTunes Ping “, which brings a social factor to the iTunes experience.

Also included is a GUI update for Leopardand the ability to add custom ringtones for free. Adds visual improvements to list view.


Retrieved December 10, Create a profile so friends can listen to playlists you’ve shared and see the music you listen to uesr Apple News now includes Top Stories picked just for you, recommendations from Siri, the best videos of the day in Today View, and great stories selected by our editors in the new Spotlight tab Apple Podcasts has an all-new design.

Addresses a performance issue when first syncing to some devices with iTunes 9. Retrieved November 5, Retrieved September 1, ITunes Software version histories. Blocks a workaround that allowed free ringtones.

History of iTunes

Addresses a quality issue creating MP3s on some computers. Retrieved September 26, Disables older versions of some incompatible third-party plug-ins. Augmented Reality ARKit 1. Itune for iOS 8.

iPad User Guide for iOS by Apple Inc. on Apple Books

Fixes an issue with video previews skipping while playing on the iTunes Store. Apple added iTunes Extras as well to the store, which adds content usually reserved for films on DVD and Blu-ray discs. Retrieved September 28, Replace Genius sidebar with Ping sidebar.

Adds the ability to see your Wish List in the iTunes library, improved support for Arabic and Hebrew, and additional stability improvements. This update features integration with Apple’s new uder service, iTunes Radio.