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An Austrian philosopher who founded the Intercultural Documentation Center in Mexico, Ivan Illich was known as a “maverick social critic” of contemporary. CIASP Canada – This talk was delivered on the evening of Saturday April 20 at St . Mary’s Lake of the Woods Seminary in Niles (Chicago). Austrian philosopher Ivan Illich, who was also a Roman Catholic priest, was Titled “To Hell with Good Intentions,” Illich discusses the deep.

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And maybe then, just then, after I had heard this Illich speech in person, and listened to his passion for these words, would I have been able to walk away, having learned these lessons without living them. All over the globe the U. In IARDwe are extremely lucky to have partnerships within the Intag region of Ecuador in which we will be working closely with in order to develop a project that they deem most beneficial. You might also have invited me because you want to learn how to deal with people who think the way I do – how to dispute them successfully.

You can only dialogue with those like you – Latin American imitations of the North American middle class. In Asia, the U. And it will be the foreign priest who will especially confirm your self-image for you. Or that the best way to leave LSD alone is to try it for awhile -or even that the best way of understanding that your help in the ghetto is neither needed nor wanted is to try, and fail.

To Hell With Good Intentions

All you will do in a Mexican village is create disorder. You come from a country which industrialized early, and which succeeded in incorporating the great majority of its citizens into the middle classes. There exists the argument that some returned volunteer have gained insight into the damage they have done to others and have become maturer people. Next to money and guns, the third largest North American export is the U. Overall, Illich makes very broad generalizations to make his points for volunteering Americans to not only stop imposing their culture, but to relinquish any form of international aid.

The dictators were formerly at the service of the plantation owners, but now they protect the new industrial complexes. You start on your task without any training. Thus, people who have finished high school are members of a tiny minority. The idea that Hawaii was feudal comes from the western view of capitalism in that land must be owned and denies the idea of the Hawaiian perspective that land cannot be owned like a material possession, because the Western view does not have a cultural or spiritual connection to the land.


This last possibility on1y open to those who do not listen, or who cannot understand me. Today, the existence of organizations like yours is offensive to Mexico.

The idea that every American has something to give, and at all times may, can and should give it, explains why it occurred to students that they could help Mexican peasants “develop” by spending a few months in their villages.

Relate the total cost of the program to the number of annual salaries earned in the host country. People who understand that your own bad consciences push you to this gesture would laugh condescendingly. At the same time, a middle class in the United States is the majority. I am here to entreat you to freely, ifan and humbly give up the legal right you have to impose your benevolence on Mexico.

Proudly powered by WordPress Theme: Yet it is less frequently stated that most of them are ridiculously proud of their “summer sacrifices. Perhaps there is also something to the argument that young men should be promiscuous for a while in order to find out that sexual love is most beautiful in a monogamous intenfions. Of course, this surprising conviction was supported by members of a missionary order, who would have no reason to exist unless they had the same conviction – except a much stronger one.

You, like the values you carry, are the products of an American society of achievers and consumers, with its two-party system, its universal schooling, and its family-car affluence.

There is no way for you to really meet with the underprivileged, since there is no common ground whatsoever for you to meet on. You might also have invited me because you want to learn how to hsll with people who think the way I do — how to dispute with them successfully, and how to refute them.

What are the pitfalls tl travel that Illich mentions that most worry me? You close your eyes because you want jell go ahead and could not do so if you looked at some facts. Although we are presently in a very different time period, I believe that the gist of his speech is still important today.


E-mail obligatoire adresse strictement confidentielle.

Center for Civic Reflection – Community, Leadership, Dialog

You would be roundly rejected, no matter if your skin is white — as most of your faces here are — or brown or black, as a few exceptions who got in here somehow.

I was equally impressed by the hypocrisy of most of you: Intentikns you would be made aware of your irrelevance among the poor, of your status as middle class college students on a summer assignment. I do not agree with this argument. I am iillich to entreat you to freely, consciously and humbly give up the legal right you have to impose your benevolence on Mexico.

All you will do in a Mexican village is fo disorder. But weapons are not enough to permit minority rule. Read the full Illich speech here: The very frustration and humiliation which participation in CIASP programs might have meant for you, could lead you to new awareness: However, his good faith can usually be explained only by an abysmal lack of intuitive delicacy.

I WILL be able to help…. There is an Irish saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions: I can only conclude that your invitation means one of at illuch three things: Just like everything, the notion of service leadership has its critics.

Today, the existence of organizations like intemtions is offensive to Mexico. I can only conclude that your invitation means one of at least three things:.

Based on the discussion-based activity and the reading of Ivan Illich, each student should submit a page reflection paper prior to departure addressing one of the following questions:. The only people with whom you can hope to communicate with are some members of the middle class.

And finally, in Latin America the Alliance for Progress has been quite successful in increasing the number of people who could not be better off – meaning the tiny, middle-class elites – and has created ideal conditions for military dictatorships.