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Seidways Shaking, Swaying & Serpent Mysteries Jan Fries Format: Softcover ISBN: £/US$ Subjects: Northern. Seidways by Jan Fries, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. From the author of Helrunar: manual of rune magick, and Visual Magick, a handbook of freestyle shamanism, comes the definitive study of.

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Some patients are treated by several healers during a single night, all of whom enthusiastically find and extract ‘death-things’. The San live in small groups that move across the country on travel lines they have used for many generations.

Full text of ” Jan Fries Seidways”

The ‘magnetiseur’ did not actually touch the patient, but made the passes close to the friew. Ecstatic people have long been treated as if they were lunatics, and when the church came to jzn, it soon declared that the pagan ways go straight to Hell. In classic shamanic fashion he travelled through the spirit worlds and returned with visions that led to the foundation of Islam.

Maybe you noticed that your head began nodding all on its own volition, each nod a little deeper than the one before, the eyelids getting heavier, until ffries of a sudden the ground leaped up at you. After further swaying, you may find yourself in a state of vacuity, or inner absence, in-between worlds. In states beyond sleeping and waking, the spirits came and carried the shaman’s soul into the otherworld, where initiation was found and the new shaman learned to heal others.

They responded friee healing suggestions with such ease that the Marquis gained the reputation of a miracle-worker. The suggestions, though simple, seem to have worked well enough. They circle the fire very slowly.

Seidways : Jan Fries :

It comes from the pen of Wilhelm Radloff, who saw a shamanic seance in the Altai region in the last century. Each loah has particular rhythms, songs, sacrificial offerings and vevers, i. There is nothing especially sacred about a person who suffers a ‘grand mal’, nor do the people who experience it seem especially inspired or blessed by the event.

Within a year, the great public ceased to be interested in magnetism, and a fashion that had shaken France for seven years faded into oblivion. Most mediums, no matter how gifted, require a period of training and refinement to do their job well. According to Radloff, the one For him, the term ‘magnetism’ was a convenience, a word without substance.


Or imagine you are standing up to your waist in the ocean. Some of the practises are definitely not suited for everyone, most require a degree 6 First Word from the Cauldron of magical experience, and all require good health of mind and body.

The Kami are known to chose especially beautiful trees, rocks etc. When we emerged, we began to climb the thread – it was the thread of the sky!

Several famous figures of antiquity were known to suffer from epileptic fits, such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Mohammed. Of course shaking is not for everyone, and when practicing it one should be cautious and well prepared.

Seidways: Shaking, Swaying and Serpent Mysteries

This gives my magical work a potency that it simply didn’t have before. The former concept with its connotations of heat and fire, comes close to the term ‘Seidr’, the metaphor of the seething fluids which was chosen by northern European sorcerers to designate their activity.

Can you imagine the foam on the waves, the roar of the breakers and smell the salt and iodine on the breeze? This is only an example of course. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. He saw that the many diseases afflicting the people were caused by spirits, deities and witches, and learned that the invisible ones were ever hungry for blood.

The last weeks he had heard nothing but curses and exorcisms. The glass harp consisted of a set of such glasses, tuned by a bit of water inside, and the glass harmonica was Benjamin Franklin’s improvement on the former instrument. This sort of’spiritual activity’ may seem a bit strange to modern people. Maybe you would like to accompany your swaying with sound. Like the spirits of other cultures, they took much of their nature and appearance from the natural world surrounding the community.

I felt very uneasy about it at first, but seidwys I learned that there are cultures which actually invite it as a sign of spiritual grace or total fridsI felt compelled to allow it once more. Abyssinian Muslims claim that the Zar spirits come from faraway over the ocean, fties Abyssinian Christians know the Zar as descendants of Cain.

However, I understand that one can read about shamanism all day long, but experiencing is worth so much more than the reading. To produce the ‘magnetic rapport’, the healer used to clamp his knees around those of the patient.


Without Num, ritual or spiritual activity are thought impossible. A woman obsessed by a male spirit will be addressed and treated like a man, and a man obsessed by 56 Horses of the Zar a female Zar will be dressed up and treated as a woman. There is a rhythm in ritual, and there is a lot of rhythm in the shaking and swaying trances. To carry conviction the medium’s behaviour must be inhuman; his voice mustturn to a wild beast’s roar or a bass unearthly scream; he must clash and flail his wand on the floor with a violence never seen in normal daily life; he must leap up and down from a cross-legged position on the floor, the higher into the air the better.

Now there are several distinct schools of Zar, each of them with special customs, spirit-contacts and religious traditions. As there are lots of spirits in Zar some say 66, others 88a moderately complete Zar 54 Horses of the Zar session can last an entire day.

Suffice it to say that magnetism became an important field of medical research. It seems that the people who have them have learned to produce them.

In San groups, healers are so common that there is nothing special about them. By Mesmer had to leave France in great haste, leaving behind a magnetic movement which had split into hostile factions. A Jakuti belief states that the spirits of the deceased shamans come to cut the novice apart.

In he arrived in Paris.

Then she prayed, and asked the spirit-sultan to appear, and to speak with her through the mouth of the princess. Such passes, he declared, would make the tree send out its healing fluidum, and indeed, soon enough the patients showed the very convulsions, shudders and fits that happened so often at the baquets.