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Jaume Aurell ([email protected]) is Professor at the Department of History at the University of Navarra (Spain). His main subjects of research are medieval and. Results 1 – 12 of 19 Genealogía de Occidente: Claves históricas del mundo actual (Spanish Edition). Aug 30, by Jaume Aurell. Ve el perfil de Jaume Aurell en LinkedIn, la mayor red profesional del mundo. Jaume tiene 2 empleos en su perfil. Ve el perfil completo en LinkedIn y descubre .

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Medievalism has been closely united to national traditions since its beginning, and this book contributes to our understanding of this phenomenon. Revista de Historia more. By reading the lives of these medievalists, we can better understand the development of intellectual history and our notions of developing cultural traditions. En la aurelll parte del libro se repasan los principales Literature and Literary Criticism: This series are focused on medievalists who have been more relevant during the past century.

The Self-Coronations of Iberian Kings: He argues that these Catalonian counts and Aragonese kings were attempting to use their role as authors to legitimize their monarchical status, their growing political and economic power, and their aggressive expansionist policies in the Mediterranean.

The Historian and His Chronicle 4. Dialogue with Death Arthur Koestler. Dai positivismi ai postmodernismi more.

Books by Jaume Aurell

La scrittura della storia. Acknowledging the current diversity in theories and practices, and assuming the historicity of historical genres, this introduction engages the reality of historical genres today aureol explores new directions in historical practice by examining these new forms of representing the past.


This is a brilliant and suggestive book about how the past has been reported and enshrined.

In the context of the freedoms inspired by postmodernism and enabled by the development of innovative textual and graphic aurrll, new theories of history view genres as flexible living forms that inspire more creative and experimental representations of the past. This focus, which perhaps and apparently contravenes the actual strength of the process of globalisation, is especially fascinating in the field of medievalism, because most of the modern nations — specially those in Europe and Asia — have found their justification, inspiration, and legendary and historical foundations in the Middle Ages.

Indeed, the twenty-first century has witnessed a proliferation of new forms of history, including film and documentaries, social media, graphic novels, video games and re-enactments, historical novels and biopics, as well as innovations in first-person narratives such as historical witness, synthetic memories, and travel writing. The Dawn of Catalan Autobiography as Chronicle 8.

Jaume Aurell | Universidad de Navarra –

This study is not only a must for historians of the Crown of Aragon but should also prove useful to all of those interested in the development of medieval historiography in Europe as well as to scholars of medieval literature and culture and literary historians. Benedetto Croce and Robin Collinwood: Catalan Chroniclers and Poetic License: By privileging historians’ autobiographies, this book proposes a renewed history of historiography, one that engages the theoretical evolution of the discipline, the way history has been interpreted by historians, and the currents of thought and ideologies that have dominated and influenced its writing in the 20th and 21st centuries.


Historical Studies and Rethinking History. In the context of the freedoms inspired by postmodernism and enabled by the development of innovative textual and graphic platforms, new theories of history view genres as flexible living forms that inspire more creative and experimental Genealogia de Occidente more.

Convegno Internazionale Agli inizi della storiografia medievistica in Italia: Thus, without denying the validity of traditional and conventional forms of history and arguing that these forms remain validthis themed issue surveys the production of what might aurll considered new historical genres practised today, focusing in particular on experimental forms. Making History by Contextualizing Oneself: Medieval History and Histoire des femmes.

Rosenstone, California Institute of Technology. His main subjects of research are medieval and modern historiography, historians’ autobiographies, and Medieval Coronations.

Authoring the Past

The first study of its kind to make medieval Catalonian writings available to English-speaking audiences, Authoring the Past will be of interest to scholars of history and comparative literature, students of Aureell and Romance medieval studies, and medievalists who study the chronicle tradition in other languages. Jaume Aurell saurell unav. Autobiography as unconventional history: The Authorial Logic of the Historical Text 9.