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what is keypad, keypad interfacing with ATmega16,programming of lcd and keypad interfacing with ATmega16, simulation on protious, application. In this tutorial we are going to interface a 4×4 (16 key) keypad with ATMEGA32A AVR Microcontroller. We all know keypad is one of the most. The concept of interfacing a keypad with the ATmega16 is similar to interfacing it with any other microcontroller. The article of Interfacing keypad with can.

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The technique is called multiplexed matrix keypad. All the files are provided at the end!

4×3 4×4 Matrix Keypad Interface with Atmel AVR Microcontrollers

By mani – July 15, Hi Avinash, the objective was to remove my confusion!! Thank you so much for this comment. You can also check: Amlan Roy, this is not for Raspberry Pi.

What I recommend the users is to get your basics strong. The test circuit will be built around ATmega32 microcontroller.

4×3 Matrix Keypad Interface – AVR Tutorial

Red colour on column indicate high state while green is for low state. If u have time can u atleast tell how can i connect an AtmegaXX to the RF kepyad car circuit … Correct me if i am wrong anywhere ….


By ydhakal – March 7, When the button is pressed corresponding keyapd pin pulled up and so the controller pin gets pulled up, this will be recognized to change the input to power and power to input, so we will have rows as inputs.

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Normally this is what presented inside a keypad: Group all Htabs AVR. This matrix addresses is directed to corresponding number, and this number is shown on LCD. Another question is how can i increase interfzcing data transfer range if i bought a RF module, for, currently i noe its limited to a modest span of some feet.

Interfacing 4×4 keypad with AVR Atmega16 Microcontroller | ABlab Solutions

By Amlan Roy – June 29, 8: And also there are 8 pin connections as shown in above figure symbolizing multiplexed connection. I need your help.

This project was very helpful for me. Thank you for this great tutorial.

How to interface keypad with AVR microcontroller (ATmega16)

When compared to the first case of connected atmeta16 keys we needed 16pins on controller but now after multiplexing we need keeypad 8 pins of controller to connect 16 keys. You can get more information on LCD Library here: Buttons are connected in a multiplexed form for reducing the pin usage of control interafcing. At this very moment, we are going to shift the power and input ports that is, we are going to power the columns and take rows as inputs.


As shown in above wit there are 16 keys in the above keypad and each of these keys represent a button in the multiplexed button configuration. So we will have C1 and R2, hence we will have matrix position of second button.

By Krishna – August 30, Facing problem with your embedded, electronics or robotics project? By Max – October 25, 4: So the only other possible state is all other columns are HIGH. The algorithm and detailed explanation for keypad interfacing is given in above mentioned article.

LCD module has been explained quite well.