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Does anyone have The Diva Diaries by KiyaRaven???? I think it’s been taken off ffn. The Diva Diaries by KiyaRaven in mobi plus outtakes:). The Diva Diaries by KiyaRaven. March 25, Summary: ‚ÄúDear Diary, When he left, I became numb. Safe in a bubble of denial and bitterness. Now, he’s back . All about The Diva Diaries by KiyaRaven. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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I’ll add a new outtake, showing us what goes on in bad Romeo’s brain, each month for the rest of the year. I was probably on the 7th time reading it when I saw that the author was taking it down. All I see is two people with staggering chemistry who make every scene come alive with incredible sexual tension and gut-wrenching longing.

He stands there in silence for a few dairies, staring at me and generally making me simultaneously furious and horny. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I guess I needed to see if there was anything left between us.

Where the kiywraven did that come from? I’m trying to direct a love story here, and that really won’t work if my leading lady continues to assault her leading man, okay? He kisses me more forcefully, his lips rougher and more demanding. It’s easier to maintain my emotional distance if I don’t think about him making love to me, because every time those thoughts struggle to the surface, they remind me that he diadies me kiyarvaen brief glimpse of perfection, only to cruelly snatch it away.

I can’t do this with him again. It began the first week we met, diafies we both lamented that we felt like ‘outsiders’ in the sea of fuckery that was our theater course. She is a shell of her former self. That he’d drop to his knees and beg for forgiveness?


Is there a problem? I’m beyond thrilled to announce that I’ve accepted a three-book publishing deal with Macmillan, and the first two books of that deal will be the published and revised version of The Diva Diaries! ,iyaraven

The Diva Diaries Chapter 2: New Developments, a twilight fanfic | FanFiction

And he did eventually try but he was just too broken. Today I become accountable to the world, to the future, to all the possibilities life has to offer. I feel like the safe, numb little bubble I’ve cultivated over the past three years has just popped and landed me firmly on my ass.

Now, he’s back, and I’ve agreed to be his co-star in a new Broadway play. Diariws you’d like to follow the progress of DD, there are links on my profile for my new author website and Facebook.

I cant tell you how much I loved this story and especially Edward!!! Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. We both stand there in shocked silence for a few seconds, our rough, heavy panting echoing off the hard brick walls, our eyes screaming desires to each other that our minds and bodies aren’t willing to act upon.

Still, thank God for duva mercies. Desperate to keep him out of my heart again. For those brief, precious times he’d let me in.

The Diva Diaries

Whatever it is, it’s simultaneously terrifying and thrilling, but before I can try to make sense of it, he blinks and it’s gone.

The past tense often made me frustrated so I only read those parts occasionally. I’m so excited kiyaravn author has decided to pursue publishing this story. EPOV Outtake 1 4.


The present storyline carried the same amount of angst in both kiyarzven, making the readers equally anticipate the unknown in both timelines. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Kiyarave 07, Rebecca Pryor rated it it was diaeies. This guy with the breath-taking smile who makes me want to wrap my arms around him and never let go?

If you want to stay informed about the latest news, giveaways, and occasional picture of hot men, there are links on my profile for my website, twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Story Story Writer Forum Community. In fact, it only made it worse. I absolutely loved the banter between these two. Trivia About The Diva Diaries. So much happens in Diva Diaries that I really don’t want to spoil it.

I think my limit is like a page book I push violently through the exit doors into the alley behind the theater and kiyaaraven up a cigarette, sucking down a lungful of smoke and pacing back and forth as I try to calm myself down. I stop the thought before it can go any further. Just In All Stories: The first night we made love, everything I thought Diaaries knew changed, and he acted like it was nothing. EPOV Outtake 3 6. This was a well-written story.

You’ve been pulling crap like this on me for years-” “How could that possibly be?

The chemistry between Bella and Edward was electric. I exhale, trying to clear my head of him. Like he’d made a mistake. I need to detach.