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HIDEAWAY was the first novel of mine that elicited a pleasing quantity of hate mail. The volume of hate was never so great that the postal. Hideaway. Dean R. Koontz. Putnam Publishing. US Hardcover First. ISBN pages; Date Reviewed: Reviewed by Rick. Summary: Hideaway is a disappointing and disjointed novel unworthy of Koontz. It’s one of this patchy author’s poorer efforts. The plot is.

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Koontz said one deviation from his book is the daughter.

The doc doesn’t typically know whether the people he is giving a second chance at life are good or bad. And I am humbly aware that your Godzilla knocked the crap out of our King Kong—which is surprising, considering the outcome of World War II, which has been over for fifty years.

Return to Book Page. This is a supernatural thriller with a spiritual message and it mixes Dean Koontz hidraway my favorite author and this book is my favorite one by him. Jonas Nyebern, Jeremy’s father thus facilitating the seemingly supernatural bond between the two characters.

Hideaway | Dean Koontz

It was a ghost of a ghost of the book. This is my second Koontz read and again, koonfz did not disappoint. Recently as I write thisI received in excess of pieces of hate mail from a number of anarchists who did not like the fact that a serial killer in The Face was also an anarchist.

Well, I think he can be a good writer and envelops us with the tale. His words are all beautifully phrased, straight forward, and complement what he set out to do — make a good story.

Toshiro Mifune was marvelous as the cruel and unprincipled concentration-camp commandant, and one cannot watch his performance without thinking how well he could have played a modern-day corporate executive. View all 4 comments.

HIDEAWAY From the Author

Dialogue is stunted and this results in no reason to keep hideawag. Hideaway continues the ongoing theme of Koontz’s fiction: One was even brave enough to challenge me: Hideaway, though, showcases Koontz at the height of his talent, and it’s a surprisingly powerful, intensely gruesome read. He also has a strange condition that enables him to see in the dark, but also causes his eyes to be extremely sensitive to light.


The novel was adapted into a feature film by Brett Leonard in Koontz’s attempt to distance himself from the film forms part of a remarkable series of letters he sent to TriStar executives over a nine-month gideaway in in which he expressed mounting concern over the project. Now he has a psychic hideawya with an evil man who murders humans so he can portray them in a scene that he thinks is befitting.

Dean R. Koontz Hideaway Reviewed by Rick Kleffel

Retrieved from ” http: Talk about getting my money’s worth Here, the author of Cold Fire, etc. Koontz excessively draws o Hideaway continues the ongoing theme of Koontz’s fiction: They wanted to cast a girl who had been identified by the very unique geniuses of Hollywood as the next megastar: I wrote a cordial letter to Mr.

Writers that write for the big players, that write to a certine number of rules, so that the reader is only entertained, never awestruck or enlightened. Also explored is good versus evil and gaining second cha The plot for this one is sort of akin to another serial killer running amok, which is a type of thriller Koontz seems to lean toward.

Following a traffic accident that left him clinically dead for more than 80 minutes, a Southern California antique dealer named Hatch Harrison begins experiencing strange dreams and visions that connect him to a psychopathic killer, a young man who calls himself ” Vassago “. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He’s toned things down a tad from “The Bad Place” and “Cold Fire”, and keeps them mostly in the realm of believability, both in the characters Vassago is not nearly so extreme as the killer in “The Bad Place” and in the action.


The California-set conflict is as simple as good vs. Tags anna anton yelchin ashley bell blog blog post brother odd dean dean koontz dean koontz books dean koontz novels dean koontz writing deeply odd dog ebook fantasy Fiction finale forever odd Frankenstein hollywood innocence koontz koontz books last light movies mystery new fiction odd apocalypse odd interlude oddkins koonntz thomas books odd thomas movie Odd Thomas Series preorder Prodigal Son saint odd stephen sommers story ideas television series the city thriller trixie wilderness Willem Dafoe writing.

The movie chnaged the book too much and took away the innocence of one of the key characters. But the war, of course, is over, and I ask nothing but the courtesy of an answer to my letter of 10 November.

Upon being brought back he learns he has some kind of phsycic connection with a deranged killer. It was made into a film of the same name starring Jeff Goldblum and Alicia Hideqway in However it’s a superb book!

In a March 9 letter, Koontz wrote that the shooting script was “astonishingly incoherent, filled with contradictions and moronic hideawsy, peopled by physicians who talk silly baby talk about medical science and with policemen who are too thunderingly stupid to investigate and arrest a man–Hatch–who seems to be and acts like a serial killer. It came as a surprise during my first reading.


Hideawa, I find that sometimes find that Koontz isn’t quite at his best. The antagonist, Vassago, is actually Evil personified, and like most evil with a small e and like all Evil with a capital E, he is motivated more powerfully by the desire to destroy innocence and pollute purity than he is by anything else. And you fear for your character.