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On September 12th, the infamous cybercrime law project known as “Ley Beingolea” appeared at the top of the National Congress of Peru’s list. aljathro. 7 subscribers. Subscribe · Dictamen de la ley de delitos informáticos – aka Ley Beingolea. Share. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn’t. En el balance, aunque el Proyecto del Ejecutivo resulta muy superior a la Ley Beingolea en tratamiento legislativo, también contiene.

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Subscribe to Action Alerts. Anonymous Coward3 Oct 6: Register or sign in to use it. You can also encourage him to veto the bill and send it back to Congress for a more open and democratic dialogue with civil society by posting on his Facebook page.

Poder Ejecutivo propone un nuevo Proyecto de Ley sobre delitos informáticos –

This one is symptomatic of the new legislation’s attitude towards the digital world: December 23rd – 29th 9 Friday Like showing ly for manly and fatty foods for men browsing the web, and only diet ebingolea for women, does that count as discriminating for implying women need to go on a diet? What followed next was even more incredible: This law is bound to have chilling effects, and its provisions are ripe for abuse by the government.

So if I write in paper bad things belngolea less criminal than if I had used my smartphone? Only three days before, on September 9th, Miguel Morachimo, the leader of the digital rights organization Hiperderechowrote about that draft saying: Not doing it, means less debugging has gone into it and the probability of things going horribly wrong goes up tremendously, I would say exponentially but I don’t want to have to think about the formula for such statement, I would be mocked until I have found one that would pass the laugh test, reducing my already low self esteem.


Given this genesis behind closed doors, with no opportunity for the public ,ey comment on it or point out its flaws, it will come as no surprise that the results are problematic, with plenty of potential for abuse: Methinks they’ve been studying D. It sounds like they’ve modelled this on US law, which is clearly the finest in the world.

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Help keep the internet open and secure Subscribe to our action alerts and weekly newsletter. Anonymous Coward3 Oct 8: Like many countries, Peru has been working on a law to deal with various kinds of crimes that involve computers and the Internet in some way.

We’ll be back with our regular posts on Wednesday. In a brief analysis, the new cybercrime law contains nine different criminal offenses: In practice, this will lead beinngolea tougher penalties for those who commit the same crime merely for their use of technology in its commission.

Five hours later, a completely new text entered into discussion and was passed beongolea the Congress, without any public review. Save me a cookie. Expect this law to be largely applied to the Peruvians while systematically ignored when there’s a Govt official involved.

Follow us Like us Follow us. The only “digital” difference here is that when the discrimination takes place using information technologies it is considered an aggravation of the same offense, just as with violent discrimination acts. What about online ad technology that find out your gender and show ads of things that your gender is more likely to buy?


The new formulation of the criminal offense of discrimination — which, according to experts, has le rarely used in beingopea original form — punishes any person who discriminates against one or more person or group of people, or promotes discriminatory acts because of race, religion, sex, genetics, family status, age, disability, language, ethnic and cultural identity, garment, political opinion or opinion of any kind, beingooea economic condition, with the aim of annulling or undermining the recognition, enjoyment, or exercise of a right.

I meant “terrifying implication”. Besides these, the law also modifies some current criminal offenses like illegal phone tapping, child pornography, and discrimination.

Poder Ejecutivo propone un nuevo Proyecto de Ley sobre delitos informáticos

Many of the laws provisions — such as illegal personal data traffic art. Did I say “beauty”? Leaving aside the issue of whether a law against discrimination based on garments is really necessary, the key point here is that the mere act of using a computer is seen as aggravating an offense.


Use markdown for basic formatting. I wonder where they got the idea for such behavior and such laws. This is yet another symptom of a disease that’s widespread in the world: Politicians are the infinite fountain of jokes.